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Local eatery offers good and eats and cheap liquor (best of both worlds/Victoria's Tavern

Vic’s brings out the summer specials

In a near-century-old building located downtown on Hamilton since 2014, Victoria’s Tavern never fails to impress. Their website states they offer “classic comfort food,” one of the humblest statements I’ve seen by a place with no need for humility. The many on-tap options are a great way to enjoy an old favourite brew or support a local’s draught. Whoever comes up with their daily grilled cheeses must truly be a genius – I’ve never tried one I didn’t love! They don’t keep it standard either; I’ve had grilled cheese filled with macaroni and cheese (for those of you who enjoy carbs in your carbs), I’ve had thanksgiving varieties (turkey with cranberry and brie was my favourite), and some alternative types filled with deep fried pickles that I’ve tried to recreate at home but it’s just never the same.

Some local eateries seem to struggle in giving adequate portion sizes; this is never the case at Vic’s. More often than not I leave with a full belly and enough food in my to-go box from my one meal ordered for another full meal. If the quality of food overall didn’t justify their prices, the sheer amount of food would.

The establishment prides themselves on catering to a variety of dietary needs – more than I’ve ever seen on a tavern/pub-style menu. Alongside their constantly changing grilled cheese of the day is a plant-based option made with daiya cheese and sourdough, and the option to add in various veggies to further fill the masterpiece. You can get any sandwich or burger on a gluten-free bun or have it lettuce wrapped (again – above and beyond your standard tavern/pub-style menu). In addition to regular pub hours they’re open an hour early on weekends for brunch and offer a special brunch menu from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. As with the regular menu you can substitute a gluten-free bun for bun-ned dishes. The Chef’s Choice – a new special creation for every week – is my personal favourite as there’s so much variety.

The only less-than-lovely item I’ve had from Victoria’s Tavern’s menu would be their two new mini mason jar cheesecakes. A friend and I went specifically to try them in late May as the photos of them we were seeing posted on Instagram looked phenomenal. My friend Jess got the vanilla bourbon and I the chocolate espresso so we could each try both. They looked just as phenomenal as in the photos when they arrived but weren’t quite up to the Vic’s standard. The vanilla bourbon was just a little bland, but my chocolate espresso was near-tangy (not how I like my dairy in general). The leftovers the next day tasted a little better when mixed all together, but it kept that same sour quality.

Vic’s has brought in some summer specials for Regina to enjoy including half-priced appetizers from 3-6 p.m. and 10-close and a variety of $5 drink options during those times. The whole property is filled with perfect photo opportunities (just check out their Instagram), so make sure you check out their patio this summer and take advantage of the scenery to make some lasting memories.

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