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The first of many Banding with Butterfield articles for the volume/Courtesy of Hinder

Same old band, brand new tunes

Hello all and welcome to the first of what I’m sure will be many band interviews for the summer (if my Editor-in-Chief allows it). Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview the band Hinder, who are currently engaged with their Lucky 7 Tour. Talking with drummer Cody Hanson, more details about the tour and the bands history came to light, all of which you can find below:

So the band has been on the Lucky 7 tour at the moment, how has that been going?

It’s been going great; we’ve done a couple of legs with the same name. One of them was with Soil, and that was a great run. This one [Lucky 7] is just getting started, so I think we’re goint be on our… I guess this is goint be our fourth show, maybe. Third or fourth. That’s pretty bad that I don’t even remember that [laughter]. We’re just on the beginning, just getting started, you know. Last night’s show was sold out and we’re excited to be back out.

Nice, so how are you guys feeling about coming through the Great White North again?

We’re excited about it man, it’s been a while since we’ve been up into Canada. We’ve spent a lot of time up there earlier in our career and we love it up there. So, we’re definitely excited to head through there again.

Glad to have you guys come back through. Now, with regards to the band’s newest single, Halo, which came out in January, how has the reception been for that?

It’s been good, it’s been really good. No complaints here. You know, with this cycle, we’re just kind of taking our time and releasing songs as we see fit. And, at some point, we’re hoping that’ll turn into the full album release. But, you know, the response to “Halo” has been great, and we have another single in the pipeline, so we’re hoping to release that pretty quick.

I don’t suppose there’s any details you could give me on that new single is there?

None just yet [laughter].

So, regarding the new, and I believe ninth, album and with all the work that Hinder has done with previous works, do you guys get that self-reflective feeling of pride on how much you’ve accomplished then and now?

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy to think about, and you know, with Marshall and I working so closely together in the studio, the Hinder stuff isn’t even half of all the songs that we write. Yeah, we have a pretty substantive catalog, but this album, coming up, as a full-length album would actually be our seventh.

Now, and this may be a difficult question, but how has the replacement of the lead singer, from Austin to Marshall gone for the band?

Oh yeah, absolutely. The crowd loves seeing someone who actually wants to be up there and, you know, actually loves being a part of the band. Our chemistry up there is pretty awesome, and I think the fans can see that and react to it.

So you have been doing a part of this Lucky 7 Tour with Saving Abel, how has that cooperation been?

Well last night (Editor’s note: at the time of writing] was the first night we performed together. So, I mean, we’ve been friends with those guys a long time, you know, and they’ve gone through some lineup changes as well and this was the first show we’d played with the new lineup. But we’ve know the original guys in the band for a long time and we’ve been friends with them forever so it’s nice to perform together.

We already looked at the new music that Hinder has out, but in regards to the old music ‘Lips of an Angel’, ‘Get Stoned’, so on, does the band ever get tired of playing those songs?

I mean, we really don’t have that feeling, you know? We recognize that fans come to hear the songs that they know and love. And that’s what makes us happy, is playing songs that we know fans want to hear. We’re here out on the road touring for them, so we’re more than happy to play those songs.

Other than the new album and coming through Canada, is there anything else that the future holds for Hinder right now?

I mean, like I said, we’re getting ready to release a new single. I don’t have a date for that yet but, after that, we’re heading out to the west coast with our friends in Royal Bliss. And after that, I’ve seen several shows up on the schedule that I’m sure will turn into full blown tours, so it’s going to be a busy year.

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