United Way helping social service organizations


Every year, the United Way works to raise money to help fund Regina based social service organizations

Kristen McEwen
News Writer

Each fall, a giant sign stands outside the university on the corner of Wascana Parkway and University Drive proclaiming that the U of R is raising $100,000 for a group called United Way Regina.

United Way Regina is the largest non-governmental funder of social services in the Regina area.

“On the whole, United Way exists to improve lives and build community,” said Amanda Lanoway, major gift co-ordinator with United Way. “We have a network of 32 funded partners that assist people in the human-in-crisis service areas, in areas of children, youth and families.”

These 32 partners are organizations throughout the city which ensure safe and stable home environments for families, sometimes even offering classes to maintain that safe and healthy environment.. Some of the partners include AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan, Family Service Regina, Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger, Regina Open Door Society, Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan, SOFIA House, YMCA of Regina and YWCA of Regina.

“All of the 32 organizations realize that together, collectively, we can achieve more than any of them could fundraise as a single unit,” Lanoway said. “There’s a power in numbers kind of thing in terms of the organizations being part of United Way and having that network of support as well.”

As a result, United Way holds an annual fall campaign from September to December to raise money, which is then distributed among the funded partners.

Last year alone, United Way raised$4.2 million. But, while this may sounds like a large fortune to spend, Lanoway says there is a need for more.

“It really barely scratches the surface in terms of the need that’s out there, but it’s everything we can do to help raise money here,” Lanoway said. “All the money raised in Regina, stays in Regina.”

“It really barely scratches the surface in terms of the need that’s out there, but it’s everything we can do to help raise money here. All the money raised in Regina, stays in Regina.” – Amanda Lanoway

This year, United Way has set the goal  to raise $4.3 million. According to Lanoway, the university has been part of the annual campaign for as long as she can remember.

The university also provides co-op work placements with the United Way. Third year arts and political science student, Graham Brandt, is an accounting intern with the organization this semester.

As an accounting intern, Brandt works with campaign co-ordinators from businesses that raise money for United Way. Some of these businesses include The Co-operators, SaskEnergy, SaskPower, SaskTel, SGI, Rawlco Radio, RCMP Regina and the U of R. He also tracks donations for the campaign before they are deposited.

“As far as co-op jobs go, it has been the coolest co-op job,” Brandt said. “The public speaking end of it, it might not be for everyone…I’ve been the featured speaker twice and that’s been a long speech in front of professionals. So that’s a little out of the ordinary with my education in arts. I’d say if you’re willing to try something different and try something out of your comfort zone, this is probably a very good job for people who are maybe ready for that. The event side of it is pretty fast-paced and a lot of fun though.”

According to Brandt, the university has completed approximately 65 per cent of their goal of $100,000.

Additional events have been scheduled to continue the on campus United Way campaign, including a 50/50 draw which will take place at The Owl on October 26. The university campaign for United Way is scheduled to end on October 31.

Brandt said hearing the stories and seeing the effort the workers at the funded partners put in to helping the community is “pretty surreal.”

“It’s actually really interesting working with them,” he said. “And you get to know you’re helping them raise money because they certainly need it.”