Music review – Jim Cuddy: Skyscraper Soul


Jim Cuddy
Skyscraper Soul
Warner Music Canada

Skyscraper Soul is Jim Cuddy’s third solo album. After listening to this album numerous times, I can say it certainly has staying power. The album has this bluesy and mature alternative country sound that keeps with you well after you walk away.

For Blue Rodeo fans, check out “Still Want You”, which I find to be a conclusion to the song “Photograph” from Blue Rodeo’s Five Days In July. For the people who tuned in to the royal wedding this year, “Everyone Watched The Wedding” was written around just that. It tells of a lower class person’s view when the wedding was on, and how watching this high class wedding elevated their status. The beginning of the next week, however, they return to their lower-class life catching buses and living amongst neighbourhoods and factories.

Skyscraper Soul has some melancholy moments, but two heart-sinking songs stand out slightly above the rest. “Ready To Fall” is about a one-sided romance. Who hasn’t been there, either as the doomed romantic or the one in the awkward situation where all you want is to be friends? Then the last track on the album, “With You”, deals with the end of a relationship that isn’t working anymore.

Leland Foley

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