Truckers support Special Olympics

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Doing their part for Special Olympics Saskatchewan.

Special Olympics Saskatchewan has been playing an enormous role in the lives of countless individuals and their families over the years. From bowling to basketball, this organization makes sports programming accessible to those who otherwise would not have the opportunity to participate in these kinds of activities. This organization presents the chance to experience what it is like to be a part of a team and greater community to those living with an assortment of disabilities through their sport(s) of choice.

For those of us who have ever been a part of a sport, be it a team or solo event, know just how life changing that experience can be. From feeling the adrenaline when you step out for that first game, the joys in winning, sorrows in losing and the bonds you make with those in your community are something that is like no other. There is no way to explain the unique joys and the passion held other than to experience this firsthand. Special Olympics Saskatchewan allows all of these amazing things to be felt by those who are living with disabilities. It is a privilege like no other to be able to support this demographic in experiencing the unique joy that being a part of sports can offer to an individual.

As a way to show solidarity with this organization and to help raise awareness, the truckers of Saskatchewan have taken to the streets in a convoy that would typically travel from Saskatoon to Regina and had been doing so for the last 14 consecutive years. This event has been recognized as the world’s longest truck convoy, which consists of any and all kinds of larger automotive vehicles such as semi-trucks, dump trucks, buses, tow trucks and more! However, with the world looking a little bit different this year, as with everything else, the convoy had to change how it was presented as well. This means that instead of one group travelling the highways in one demonstration of support, two separate events took place in each respective major city. The separation was meant to ease social distancing from spectators and fewer participants congregating in one area after the event was completed.

In Regina this event took place the morning of Saturday September 12, with truckers and other supporters hitting the streets to promote this incredible organization. Together the group circled Ring Road as spectators looked on and cheered as they passed, blasting their horns as they went. With these stressful times they encouraged those from other cities to stay home and watch on their livestream, ensuring that nobody had to miss out on the fun while allowing social distancing to stay in effect. 

In Saskatoon the event took place the morning of Saturday September 12 as well, with truckers and other supporters taking to Circle Drive to show their support. The spectacle was also being broadcasted live for those to enjoy virtually. Although it was disappointing to have to encourage people to stay at home to enjoy the event it was still extremely successful in its promotion. 

The effort and support that went into this event is for more than just a fun event to take the kids to. This event is used as an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for those who take part in Special Olympics events. This is incredibly important as many of these athletes have other accommodations that need to be paid for such as wheelchairs and medications. These necessities are not always affordable for many of these individuals and the money that they would use to register for their sport of choice often gets delegated to such needs. Therefore the money that comes from initiatives like this provide such an amazing opportunity for these athletes to continue participation in the sports that everyone loves. 

The feeling of community that sports provide is one thing that everyone can agree on, and the opportunities that these drivers provide these athletes through the exposure and funds that this convoy provides each year is worth recognizing. We are all excited to see what this event looks like next year. 

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