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Hey all, here we are again with another sports update regarding the happenings of the various major leagues and whatnot. It’s been an interesting week to be sure, with developments coming out of several areas making for some rather intriguing conversation, whether it be about the Stanley Cup finals, the continuing developing landscape of the NFL, or the current budgetary concerns with stadiums in the CFL. For those interested, the news can be found just below:


The Stanley Cup Finals have finally gotten down to the last two teams, The Dallas Stars and The Tampa Bay Lightning (spelled correctly this time). The series (at the time of writing) currently sits at 1-0 for The Dallas Stars. The Stars’ defence continues to impress throughout the entirety of their playoff run, especially the performance of goalie Anton Khudobin, who continues to put out a dominant style game to game. The Russian goaltender put together 35 out of 36 saves in the Stars Game 1 victory against the Lightning.


Week 2 rolled around in the National Football League, boasting some great match-ups as per usual with the week-to-week system of the NFL. One of the most interesting games this week was the Atlanta Falcons versus the Dallas Cowboys. Now, last week, it looked like the 49ers were the ones that couldn’t get over their Super Bowl based issues, but they came out of the gate this time around Week 2 with a decisive win over the New York Jets. The Falcons, however, despite being up 20 to 0 in the first quarter and still up by 15 in the fourth, managed to harness the magic of their Super Bowl 50 run by blowing the lead and the game altogether.

In other news, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now officially Tom Brady’s second most “winningest” team after securing his first win over the Carolina Panthers 31 to 17. Mr. Brady and Mike Evans look especially good together on the field, with Evans racking up over 100 receiving yards on 7 receptions. 

In other rapid-fire updates, Cam Newton suffered his first loss as a Patriot to the Seattle Seahawks, the Arizona Cardinals continued to look dominant with a 30-to-15 win against the Washington Football Team, some unsuspecting teams improved to 2-0 including the Buffalo Bills and the Chicago Bear, both of which had near wins against their opponents, and Joe Burrow, the quarterback drafted No. 1 overall, found himself 0-2 after Thursday’s game against the Cleveland Browns.


The sports world isn’t completely pandemic free as Saskacthewan’s own Roughriders are having some home issues budget-wise. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the payback plan for the new stadium in our hometown, a plan that was set for 30 years overall, has run into an estimated 5 million dollar deficit moving forward.  


Once again, the Major League Baseball playoffs inch ever closer, with the Wild Card Series (best of the three format) starting on September 29th. The MLB has brought forward an expanded playoff format moving into the postseason, 16 teams will now be able to qualify for the playoffs, eight from The American League and eight from the National League.

Currently, several teams have finally clinched a playoff berth, getting a chance at a post-season title run. The following teams that have qualified (at the time of writing) by League are:

The American League: The Chicago White Sox, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, the Oakland A’s, the Minnesota Twins, and the New York Yankees.

The National League: The Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres


The NBA playoffs continue on as the final four teams battle for the Championship. The Miami Heat versus the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference and the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference. Both series, as they currently stand, are as follows: the Miami Heat are leading 2-1 in their match-up and the Lakers are up 2 to 0 in the West. The Lakers 2nd win especially coming with bated breath as Anthony Jones hit the buzzer beater on Sunday’s playoff game to give the Lakers the win.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this rundown, fingers crossed that there was, once again, enough in it to hold your attention. I do my best to keep the news as relevant or ‘up and coming’ as possible but sometimes there can be things that end up being a bit stale. Regardless, I look forward to continuing to bring you the major news of the major leagues from week to week.

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