Top 5 Worst NFL Teams

Retro jersey that everybody wishes they had/Arthur Ward

Retro jersey that everybody wishes they had/Arthur Ward

These teams really suck hard

Article: Charlie MacDonald

In this week’s Sports 5, we asked Charlie Macdonald for his opinion on the Top 5(top at something!) worst NFL Franchises. Read below to see if your favourite team is featured on this prestigious list:

5. St Louis Rams- “Moving around really fucked with them,” one U of R student and avid fantasy football player told me. I tend to agree. You could point out “The Greatest Show on Turf” as a reason to say why the Rams are not a cursed NFL franchise. I would contest that those years were like the juvenile delinquent child who once got an A on a science quiz because they could easily convert grams and ounces.


4. Atlanta Falcons- I love everything about Atlanta because it seems like the coolest place on earth. Which is why it pains me every year to see the people of Atlanta filled to the brim with sadness and whiplash as their team gets just close enough but never reaches any sort of pinnacle. There are other teams with less success than the Dirty Birds, but when I break it down I would much rather be disappointed when my team loses a playoff game than shrug it off like it is common knowledge that my team is supposed to lose. The Atlanta Falcons “Harlem Globetrotters from September to December, Washington Generals in January.”


 3. New York Giants- This is more of a future prediction from another U of R student “The Offensive Line would not cut it in the CFL and Tom Coughlin is close to being on his way out.” I didn’t ask if he meant from the Giants or this earth because when I watch Giants games I honestly expect their coach to be in a rocking chair, drinking tea, and telling these youngsters about when it was “real football.” Also, the Giants have a tendency to be either great or terrible, they can never be penciled in for a 10-6 record at any point.


2. Buffalo Bills- They are in Buffalo. Strike one. They lost four Super Bowls in a row. Strike two. If you were to say to me that I could have season tickets to the Bills or just 50 bucks I could spend on whatever, I would absolutely go with the 50 bucks. Also Buffalo plays in Buffalo, I already go to CFL games in the late fall and I hate that shit.

1. Cleveland Browns (Post Jim Brown)- Ownership debacles and the simple fact that it is in Cleveland should be enough to scare any potential fan looking for a team to cheer for in the NFL. When your team’s best moments are a huge playoff loss and a drafting a player that might not actually be any good “cursed” is the only appropriate word for it. There are many teams that are bad and have been bad for their entire existence but no team has done it more spectacularly than the Cleveland Browns.

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