Top 5 U of R Tweeters!


People actually tweet about the U of R?

Penguin goes “Tweet.” / Destiny Kaus

Penguin goes “Tweet.” / Destiny Kaus

Arts and Culture editor Destiny Kaus picks her Top 5 favourite U of R Twitter handles. Then she explains one of their tweets. Make sure to follow us @the_carillon, and follow Destiny @carillon_arts

Ramsha Sultan @ArteArtistica

Tweet: Waiting in line for the new iPhone 6…oh wait it’s just the Tim’s line on campus. #uofr#canadians#timmies

This is so true. In my entire schooling career at the Univesity of Regina, I have likely spent hours in that line-up. Oh, the madness that ensues when a flock of angry, tired students drag themselves into that famous line, each person looking down at his or her cell phone not wanting to converse with anyone until an employee yells (literally yells) “Next Please!” to take your order. Ah, but, every minute waiting is so worth it when you’re going to class exhausted and coffee-starved. Yum. As soon as that coffee hits your lips, you feel peace and completely forget that you’ve just spent 3 hours in line and are late for class.

University of Regina @UofRegina

Tweet: #UofR University of Regina’s Department of Film receives donation toward 4K Production Studio

Dang, the film department at the U of R receives donations? People must feel sorry for them. According to the U of R’s Communications and Marketing team, NBCUniversal has donated 4 grand to the U of R’s film department so they can buy oodles and oodles of high quality equipment to furnish a new production studio. Isn’t that special? I actually think it’s pretty cool that the filmies in Regina will have some new toys and a new playroom to work their magic. Enjoy it, film students, ‘cause you never know when your program may get cut.

Jess @jessica_p_ramos

Tweet: To get a practice room, you have to fight for it. @cheyydizzle won this time… #thestruggleoffindingapracticeroom#uofr

Ah, yes. The struggle is real. When I lived in the Residences last year, I would often take a stroll past the piano practice room and think to myself, “Hmmm, I should start playing piano again…maybe I’ll go in there and practice today.” Then, I’d creep in the window, see someone using it, and completely give up on all my musical hopes and dreams. I’m guessing there’s hordes of practice rooms in the U of R’s music wing (does the U of R even have a music program?). I’m also guessing, if this music program exists, those rooms get pretty packed all day erryday. So congrats Jess on fighting the crowds and getting one step closer to practicing perfection.

Joan Marshall @joanrules

Tweet: wooooow exam schduled at 8 am, professor doesn’t show up until 8:30 am. we don’t get extended time or compensation. #uofr nightmare

Wow, I’d be so ticked off if this happened to me. Nothing like a little bit of punctuality slacking. Good one, professor. I feel bad for these poor, little students. I mean, seriously, 30 minutes can make or break your exam! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh this angers me! To me, it doesn’t seem fair for this to happen. Aren’t professors always the ones who tell us not to be late to class? Also, I’m sure a little bit of compensation wouldn’t have killed anyone. Like, what the heck? Oh well, I guess life sucks and life isn’t fair. Whatever.

Matthew Lomsnes @Mlomsnes97

Tweet: Get to miss double English tomorrow!! #careerfair#siast#uofr

Somebody’s excited to miss class. I would be too if I got to go to a career fair, collect a bunch of free pens, talk to some strangers, and potentially get a vibe of insight from the heavens regarding my future career. That, my friends, is golden. If only career fairs took place every day, so we could all miss class every day. Mind you, I wouldn’t really want to miss two English classes; I love me some English. But, I guess walking around at a career fair beats taking hours upon hours of notes in class and developing carpal tunnel.

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