Top 10 Riders of the past 10 years

Where does Weston Dressler rank among modern Rider greats?/Courtesy of the Saskatchewan Roughriders

Where does Weston Dressler rank among modern Rider greats?/Courtesy of the Saskatchewan Roughriders

Which Riders make the cut?

Good news, Riders fans; Weston Dressler is here to stay.

Number seven signed a four-year deal that will keep him on contract with the team until the end of the 2018 season, when Dressler will be 33. Dressler is the closest thing you will find to a true Rider. However, when we start to actually compare Dressler to other Rider greats in the last ten years, where would he be?

After much deliberation, not only in the heat of brainstorming, but also in the Carillon office, here are the greatest Riders of 2004-2014.

10. Andy Fantuz, WR

Fantuz played parts of six seasons with the Riders and was a part of the 2007 Grey Cup Championship winning team, as well as the 2009/2010 Grey Cup finalists with the team. Fantuz was a fan favourite, yet opted to sign on with his hometown Hamilton Tiger Cats in 2012.

  1. Kerry Joseph, QB

I know there are a lot of people that would put Joseph higher on this list, but hear me out. He only played parts of two seasons with the club, and although he raised the Grey Cup with the club in 2007, Joseph didn’t put up outstanding numbers in a Rider uniform.

  1. Chris Getzlaf, WR

Getzlaf has been the steadiest Rider receiver in this era. Although Getzlaf doesn’t put up the numbers the aforementioned Weston Dressler has, yet his ability to bring huge gains to the Riders offense has never been questioned.

  1. Scott Schultz, DT

Schultz was always a fan favourite in the Green and White and had his best years after 2005. Schultz played eight seasons here, with one CFL All-Star nod in 2005. Schultz raised the Grey Cup in 2007 and has stayed a public figure for the Riders since retiring in 2009.

  1. Jeremy O’Day, C

O’Day was an integral part of the Riders offensive line during his tenure with the club. He stayed on with the front office after retirement and has two Grey Cup rings to show for it, one as a player and one as an assistant General Manager.

  1. Eddie Davis, DB

Davis was one of the greatest defensive backs in Riders history, playing nine seasons here. He was also a part of the 2007 Grey Cup Championship team, and was a mainstay in the Riders strong defensive core.

  1. Weston Dressler, WR

Dressler has been one of the best and most consistent wide receivers in CFL history, missing the thousand-yard mark twice in his career. Dressler is one of the most decorated players of the decade, being named an All-Star in four of seven seasons.

  1. John Chick, DE

In just five seasons in Saskatchewan, John Chick is one of only four players to have two Grey Cup rings as a player in Roughrider history. After a brief stint in the NFL, Chick returned to the Riders, winning the 101st Grey Cup with the club.

  1. Gene Makowsky, G/OT

Makowsky is an all-time Rider great. In his 17 seasons with the club, Makowsky has numerous All Star nods and will always be remembered as one of the greatest Riders of all time.

Honourable Mentions: Omarr Morgan, Reggie Hunt, Mike McCullough, Kory Sheets, Matt Dominguez, Tyron Brackenridge.

  1. Darian Durant, QB

You guessed it. Darian Durant has been the Riders leader this era and is such an important part of not only the offense, but the entire team. The Riders franchise player has started 97 games, led the team to the biggest Grey Cup in team history and will be a huge part of Rider history moving forward in his career.

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