Welcome from the Editor-in-Chief

Working hard/ Haley Klassen

Working hard/ Haley Klassen

The Carillon is your student newspaper!

First of all, welcome back to class! Or, if this is your first year, welcome to the University of Regina and the Carillon, your student newspaper! The Carillon is the U of R’s student newspaper, so this is your paper. I can’t emphasize that enough, friend. Although we are journalists, we’re not all journalism students. Our staff is representative of the whole student body, and we want you, no matter your field of study, to get involved. We hire staff for the year (keep an eye out), but we thrive and survive on contributions from students just like you. Your work is what makes us who we are. Articles, photos, comics, humour, and all else. Never hesitate to contribute, so join us! I don’t think there’s ever been such a great time to be a part of the Carillon, honestly.

With you we can make it even better.

I’d say that we have the best student newspaper staff in the country (I’ll fight anyone who disagrees): we’re ambitious, driven, and ready to provide you critical reporting and journalism across news, arts, sports, and opinions. I’m also extremely excited to announce that this year we’re expanding into Multimedia journalism. Videos, podcasts and everything in between, we are going to try and bring you the content you deserve on every platform. Every aspect of the paper is getting stronger, and with a new Multimedia Editor, the Carillon’s journalism can reach you on all levels.

We are also hiring right now, so try your hand to work for us (See page 16).

The Carillon is great for your resume, especially if you are a pre-Journalism student (being able to write as much as you want, with wide latitude? Sounds like a good opportunity) but it applies for everyone else. This paper is for all students. Resume fodder is not the only thing you’ll gain: the thrill of seeing your name in print is one thing, but having professors and students comment and debate on your article is another. Who knows? Maybe you’ll break the next big story?

Email me at editor@carillonregina.com if you are interested in getting involved and working with us.

The best, and most educational, part of my university has easily been the Carillon. I’ve grown so much, and learnt more, as a person from this paper. A professor recently exclaimed to me that this job “is like a second degree.” I’d say so.

The Carillon has been, through thick and (very) thin, the student newspaper of the U of R since 1962. As our print manifesto says, in the “late 1950s, the University of Regina planned the construction of several new buildings on the campus grounds. One of these proposed buildings was a bell tower on the academic green.” You’ll notice that there is no such carillon at the U of R.

“The University never got a belltower, but what it did get was the Carillon, a newspaper that serves as a symbolic bell tower on campus, a loud and clear voice belonging to each and every student.”

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