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author: kristian ferguson | news editor

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What we missed…

Lots of news goes on in between our spring/summer issues, so here are some quick tidbits that we like to call tolls from the belltower.

Ladies Learning to Code

The U of R has recently hosted an event called “Ladies Learning to Code,” a not-for-profit class series that teaches women how to code and develpo skills to get into tech fields.

Jill Ferron, the chapter lead for Ladies Learning to Code, said that “People are realizing that they could actually develop something in Regina instead of having to move somewhere else in order to pursue a career,” in an interview with CBC Saskatchewan.

Sask. Crime Rate is #1 in Canada

Saskatchewan now has the highest crime rate in all of Canada.

Sask. saw an increase in homicides and gun violence that places the province at the top in Canada. Child pornography offences also rose. The crime rate also rose in Newfoundland and Labrador, P.E.I., Ontario, Manitoba and Nunavut. However, youth crime did see a decrease in the province.

Arcola Avenue Broken for Six Weeks

In order to better control water runoff, Arcola Ave is closed between Victoria Ave. and Winnipeg St. starting on July 25.

Tons of people use this way to get to work and school so, you know, don’t.

Provincial Government Fiscal Year Ends with $1.22 Billion Deficit

Finance Minister Kevin Doherty stated that the province ended the year with a $1.22 billion deficit. Doherty was confident in that what he delivered was on track with what the government had forecasted.

The province’s debt also rose to $10.19 billion.

For the Seventh Year in a Row, Capital Pointe Behind Schedule

Citing bad weather early in the spring, Capital Pointe, a hotel and condo complex, is behind schedule once more. Currently, little more than an open pit exists.

Current schedules have the project being completed in 2019 rather than late 2018 as initially forecast.

Partial Sale of SaskPower, SaskTel, Being Discussed

The Sask. Party government is in talks with unknown benefactors to potentially sell off as much as 49 per cent of both Sask -Power and SaskTel.

Protest and anger is being raised as last year, Sask Power gave back a $43 million dividend to the province.

NDP Critic Carla Beck said in an interview with the Leader-Post that a partial sale of SaskPower would threaten the dividend the Crown corporation brings back to the province.

U of R Psych Prof Wins Award

Jennifer Gordon was fourth out of 54 Canadian applicants to win the Banting Research Foundation Discovery Award worth $25,000.

Gordon’s research focused on depression and hormones in perimenopausal women. In an interview with the Leader-Post, Gordon said, “In the five or so years leading up to menopause, women are two to four times at higher risk of developing depression.”

With the grant, Gordon is going to continue her research and expand it to new avenues of exploration.


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