Three Cougars join Team Canada


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Off to the middle of Russia! / Nathan McCarville

Green and gold switch to red for 2019 FISU Universaide 

Three Cougars are showing themselves in the 2019 FISU Universaide currently being held in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Taking place from Mar. 2-12, the hockey component has already begun with the Canadians representing themselves as they should with Canada’s flag on their jerseys.  

Dawson MacAuley is one of two goalies playing for Canada in the FISU Universaide this season. Finishing the 2018-2019 regular season with 771 saves, MacAuley finished his season with the second highest amount of saves in Canada West,, gaining him a spot-on team Canada for the international event.  

Tyler King, a thirdyear defenseman for the Cougars, is also showing himself on the 2019 team Canada roster for the FISU Universaide. Scoring six goals for the season and attaining five assists, King sits at fourth among the Cougars with 59 shots on net for the season.  

Tristan Frei, who acted as the team captain for the 2018-2019 regular season, led the Cougars with eight goals and five assists throughout the season over 26 Canada West games, with a total of 49 shots on goal.  

When asked about the players named, coach Todd Johnson was proud of their performance. 

“They have worked hard all year and they should fell honoured to be selected, he said. 

With a total of 12 teams competing for the title of the champion of the 29th FISU Universiade, Canada is already settling into their residency far into the interior of Russia after their first game. Breaking the mold, or rather ice, Canada started off the competition with their first game of the series against Great Britain. Playing on Mar. 2, Saturday morning, the men’s hockey team represented themselves well, winning their first game against Britain with an astounding score of 12-0 in favour of Canada. Playing Canada’s own game, the win was not a surprise, given the standards of Canada competing against other international teams in hockey 

The next game that Canada’s men’s hockey team is set to play is against Latvia on Monday, Mar. 4. Seeing as this won’t be released until well after that date, the remaining men’s schedule for Canada goes as follows: Canada is slated to face off against Switzerland on Mar. 6, set to go against Sweden on Mar8, and then another game the next day where team Canada will face off against Kazakhstan 

After all the teams have played their regularly scheduled games, two semi-final games will be taking place on Mar.11, followed by the final games to be played for gold and bronze, that will be held on Mar/ 12.  

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