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author: Kaitlynn nordal | staff writer

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The diary of a championshipwinning fan

Step up to the plate, start swinging. 

The 2018 post-season will end with the 114th World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox facing off against each other. This is the first time since 1916 that Boston and Los Angeles played each other in the World Series. 

The last time the Boston Red Sox won the World Series was 2013, and the Los Angeles Dodgers have not won since 1988, so this series was a big deal for both teams.  

Tuesday, Oct. 23 at Fenway Park marked the first game of the series.  Chris Sale, Matt Barnes and Eduardo Rodriguez would pitch for the Red Sox with their counterparts, Clayton Kershaw and Ryan Madson, pitching for the Dodgers. Mookie Betts would go on to steal second base in the bottom of the first, being this year’s winner of the “steal a base steal a taco” promotion between Major League Baseball and Taco Bell with Doritos Locos Tacos.  When asked how it felt, Betts simply said, “I just wanted a taco.”  

During the top of the second, the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp would go on to hit a home run and Rafael Devers would go on to do the same in the bottom of the fifth. Edwardo Nunez followed his teammates’ lead and also hit a home run, making it a three-run home run at the bottom of seventh. The game would end with a score of eight to four for Boston.  

Game two of the World Series was held on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at Fenway Park. Hyun-Jin Ryu and Ryan Madson pitched for the Dodgers against their Red Sox counterparts, David Price, Joe Kelly, Nathan Eovaldi, and Craig Kimbrel.   

Before the game, an appearance was made by some of the 2004 Red Sox World Series winning team with a special ceremony put on for them.  Boston would go on to win the game 4 to 2. 

Game three of the World Series was held at Dodgers Stadium on Friday, Oct. 26. Before the game started, J.D. Martinez of the Boston Red Sox and Christian Yelich of the Milwaukee Brewers, were dubbed this years’ winners of AL and NL Hank Aaron award. Tommy Lasorda threw out the first pitch before the game.  At the bottom of the inning Joc Pederson hit a home run. There would be no more runs scored until the top of the eighth when Jackie Bradley, Jr. hit a single home run, tying game.  Finally, at the bottom of the eighteenth, Max Muncy hit a walk-off solo home run, ending the game after seven hours and twenty minutes. This game would go down in MLB history as the longest playoff game.  Dodgers win it three to two.  

Game four of the world Series was held again at Dodgers Stadium on Saturday the 27th. This game marked 30 years since Kirk Gibson hit his legendary home run off Dennis Eckersley with them re-enacting it for the first pitch of the game.  Also, before the game, the Reliever of the Year awards were handed out, and they went to Josh Harder of the Milwaukee Brewers and Edwin Díaz of the Seattle Mariners. In the bottom of sixth, Yasiel Puig Valdés hit a three-run home run. However, in the top of the seventh, Mitch Moreland hit a home run, making it a three-run home run. In the top of the eighth, Steve Pearce hits the ball just over the wall with a fan catching it, just out of reach of the Dodgers.  The game would end with a score of nine to six for Boston.  

The post-season finally came to an end on Sunday the 29th, with the Red Sox beating the Dodgers five to one.  This would mark the ninth win in the franchise history for the Red Sox. Orel Hershier threw the first pitch of the game to Micky Hatcher. The game gets off to an exciting start when in the top of first, Steve Pearce hits home run, making it a two-run home run.  Almost right after this play in the bottom of first, David Freese hits a solo home run, as well.  At the top of the sixth, Mookie Betts hits his first home run of the post-season.   

In the top of the seventh, J.D. Martinez hits a solo home run.  It was a good night for Pearce, as in the top of the eighth, he hits another single home run. Sunday night’s win made Boston the first team in the twenty-first century to have four World Series wins.  

This year’s Willie Mays Most Valuable Player Award went to Steve Pearce.  It was a big night for Red Sox manager Alex Cora, not just because of the title win, but because this also makes him the first Puerto Rican-born manager to lead a team to a title, and the fifth manager to do so in their first year.  

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