CD Reviews – Britney Spears: Femme Fatale


Britney Spears
Femme Fatale

Spears is back! (You thought I’d say Britney didn’t you?) Femme Fatale is her latest album and it’s pure genius. No matter how crazy the woman can be, once you listen to this album you’ll completely forget any of her past antics while you start partying hard to her repetitive lyrics and strong bass beats. Her past album, Circus, was a good start. Femme Fatale seals her return. This disc is all party, all the time, with the song “Criminal” being one of the few you’ll find close to something of a slower song. Her hit single “Hold It Against Me” is nothing compared to the other tracks on this disk, such as “Till the World Ends”, “I Wanna Go”, and “Trip To Your Heart”, just to name a few. She has considerably less AutoTune than most artists these days and you can hear the strength of her natural voice shine through. If you’re up for a night of after exam partying, pre-exam partying or, maybe even an I’m-screwed-so-lets-party-anyway party, put on this album. Britney is back and she’s definitely a force to reckon with.

Megan Narsing

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