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Article: Robyn Tocker – A&C Editor  

David Myles shares his thoughts on the music industry

Talents can show themselves differently in many individuals, but for singer/songwriter David Myles, the revelation didn’t come easily.

“I tried to avoid getting into the business. I studied political science then realized that I couldn’t deny it, I loved [music] too much.”

He explained how he has been a die-hard music fan since he was a kid. The young man grew up surrounded by it. Because of his love for music and the influence from his musical family, Myles left political science and focused his attention on songs. He knew he had to try the business just once. It turns out once was just enough.

“Once I started writing songs, I realized it was something I at least had to take a shot at.”

Since his beginnings, Myles has had quite a successful career, including a JUNO award, two MMVAs, and a SOCAN award, along with many other awards from 2013 alone. Most people likely know him because of his single with Classified titled “Inner Ninja,” but it turns out Myles and Classified have been friends for many years and have worked on music before that particular song.

David Myles shares his thoughts on the music industry /source: Hiep Vu

David Myles shares his thoughts on the music industry /source: Hiep Vu

With his experience in the business, Myles has seen many things change and adjust as people adapt to the world and its technology. The main thing he has seen is how the internet and social media have affected the music industry in a positive way.

“When you’re a fan of someone, you can have quite a direct relationship with them. It was harder 10 years ago. Now, it’s an instantaneous relationship with fans and the people making music. I like that.”

Myles also explained how, because of this, people get to see all sides of the artists, like what the artist is all about and the different projects they are working on.

Another impressive change he has observed is the shift to putting out singles and EPs instead of full CDs.

“So many people just buy the songs they want to hear. They are not buying the full record anymore and it’s quite a big change. We’re moving back towards the 1950s where people just buy singles. The diversity of what people are listening to has changed.”

When asked about what changes he sees coming down the road, Myles said he wonders how people will make music in the future.

“The idea of being able to make a song then releasing it quickly instead of waiting for 10 other songs is interesting. You don’t have to wait to manufacture the CD. It’s so instantaneous. When I look at dynamic young artists a lot of them are doing that kind of thing.”

Myles does not know if he will follow in their footsteps, but he does know he will continued to use Twitter to help promote his music and videos. He also shared the goals he has for his music career.

“I think Luke [Classified] and I are going to continue to work together. My immediate goals are for those songs on our EP to really pick up. I’d like to start producing artists with Classified as a production team and work on song structural stuff.”

David Myles will be coming to Regina with his Canadian tour on September 12 at the Artful Dodger.

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