The wonders of playoff baseball

Who’s going to win the Fall Classic? Take your pick!/Haley Klassen

Who’s going to win the Fall Classic? Take your pick!/Haley Klassen

Nothing like some playoff baseball to warm you up

Ah… Baseball playoffs are finally here, and there are few things better than October baseball. Let me run you guys through who’s left, and whom you should be cheering for. While my Red Sox might not be in it after a stinker of a season, there are some teams you have to pay attention to, and will make this a memorable October.

San Francisco Giants:

One of the more likeable teams in the MLB, the Giants have had some great success in the recent past, winning the World Series in 2010 and 2012. Led by a solid pitching rotation, we’ll see how former Cy Young winner and everyone’s favourite stoner, Tim Lincecum, will be used in the bullpen, removed from his normal starter role. The Giants are always contenders, and we might see a familiar face coming from the National League. They’re up 2-1 on the Washington Nationals in the NLDS.

Washington Nationals

The Nationals might’ve been the favourites coming into this playoff season, but have been shut right down so far by the Giants. They managed to win a game vs. the Giants at the time of writing, but have looked as bad as Bryce Harper’s haircuts. Could the *Natinals* actually manage a comeback and win this series? In the immortal words of Mr. Harper, “That’s a clown question, bro.”

St. Louis Cardinals:

Speaking of familiar faces from the National League, the St. Louis Cardinals are once again in contention to take home the World Series. The Cardinals are always a good team, and are looking for some revenge after losing to everyone’s beloved Boston Red Sox in last year’s World Series – quite handily, I might add as well. But, strangely enough, a former Red Sox player in old man John Lackey leads them. Probably the most ornery player in the playoffs right now, he’s the wrong man to piss off, and it doesn’t matter which team you’re on. The Cardinals are up vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers 2-1 at the time of writing.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers, or as I like to call them, the New Yankees, have spent their way to the top with high-price talent all over the board. Nevertheless, all that matters is they have the best pitcher in the world, and maybe one of the best of all time in Clayton Kershaw. He also knows how to grow a mad playoff beard. Respect for that. However, the key to their victory might be slugger Yasiel Puig, and if he can consistently show up to the ballpark on time, a real challenge for him. The Dodgers are down vs. the Cardinals 1-2 at the time of writing.

Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles are one of the two smaller market teams that have relied on building a team from within rather than spend money, and they have come up with arguably the best team in the American League. They smashed the vaunted Tigers pitching in the ALDS. AL MVP candidate Nelson Cruz smashed his way to victory with two homers and five RBIs. The Orioles handled the Tigers 3-0 in their ALDS win.

Kansas City Royals

Ah, the Royals. The team you should be cheering for. How can you not love a team that works its butt off to score runs, playing small ball, stealing bases, and just generally being loveable? The Royals are a team that gets a championship window every couple decades, and they’ve taken advantage by taking care of the mighty Los Angeles Angels in only three games, and seem poised to sneak their way into a World Series, and maybe even a ring. Believe the hype!

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