The secrets behind Blizzard making


The inside scoop on DQ’s famous treat

So much yum. / Destiny Kaus

So much yum. / Destiny Kaus

Author: Jessie Anton

Whether you picked one up with the team after the game or you decided to indulge in your ice cream cravings solo, your favorite Dairy Queen Blizzard is always there to satisfy your sweet tooth.

But, you may ask, what exactly is the secret to making the perfect Blizzard? I caught up with DQ Blizzard artist, Erin Strueby, to find the answer to that question and to discover other tasty secrets.

“Making a Blizzard is probably the easiest DQ product to make as long as you know the recipe,” admits Strueby. “[To make the perfect Blizzard] you fill it 3/4 way with soft serve vanilla ice cream, fill it with the right amount of ingredients, blend until the ingredients are mixed all the way to the bottom of the cup, scrape the excess ice cream off of the collar and into the cup, then tip it upside down, and it’s ready to serve!”                         After asking this sweet treat master which Blizzard is the most popular, Strueby claims, “Oreo is the most popular Blizzard because it’s the first one on our list, so when people don’t know what kind to pick, they panic and just pick the first one they see.”

But really, who can go wrong with Oreo? I know I can’t.

When asked what her favorite Blizzard is, Strueby tells the Carillon, “It used to be Caramel Cappuccino Rolo, but they got rid of the original Rolo pieces, so now my favourite is Cookie Jar, which has cookie dough, Oreos and hot fudge.”

Now that sounds like love at first bite.

Sure, there are Blizzards on the menu to choose from, but do you ever wonder about the seasonal Blizzard flavors like Buster Bar, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, and French Silk Pie?

Contrary to popular belief, ”you can still order them, they’re just not on the menu,” Strueby assures. “However, the monthly ‘special’ Blizzards (Pumpkin Pie, Candy Cane, Birthday Cake, S’mores, etc.) are usually only in-store for a couple months—or until we run out of stock.”

But if it makes you feel better, Strueby adds, “You can get almost any Blizzard you want as long as we have the ingredients for it; you could mix and match anything!”                        At last, have you ever wondered why Blizzards can be tipped upside down? After persuading Strueby with a Cookie Jar Blizzard, I was able to bribe DQ’s famous, best-kept secret out of the Blizzard artist. According to Strueby, “Blizzards can be tipped upside down because the ice cream is so cold and compacted that it sticks to the inside of the cup.”

Unreal (I mean, it makes sense, but it’ll never cease to excite me when I order my favorite treat).

There you have it, ice cream enthusiasts! Now when you’ve got a yearning for your favourite DQ delight, you know how it’s made, what the top-seller is, and the cornucopia of options you have to create your own masterpiece, just tip it upside down and enjoy!


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