The Cure Kitchen + Bar brunch review

For a little bit of everything and then some, check out The Cure. Sarah Nakonechny

Nothing better than a classic breakfast and interesting décor

The Cure Kitchen + Bar, simply The Cure for short, is located at 2323 11th Ave in Regina, Saskatchewan, and it has amazing food and an even better atmosphere. Many are not aware that The Cure does not only offer vibrant and lively environment to enjoy for an evening out, but they also offer a lovely brunch for customers to enjoy on the weekends. On both Saturday and Sunday, their brunch runs from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with hours subject to change around holidays. 

My experience of The Cure’s brunch was extremely pleasant and has definitely placed them in my books for places to return to. There were many strong qualities that I had noticed and very minor things that could be improved upon. 

Walking into the establishment, you’re greeted by a very relaxed and modern styled environment. There are many different decorations to look at without it appearing to be cluttered. As someone who enjoys looking at decorations, this was both really interesting to look at and slightly overwhelming as there was almost too much to look at. Some of the objects I found the most interesting were the handful of old typewriters, the variety of brass and woodwind instruments, and a little gargoyle statue. 

The seating arrangement is certainly designed to accommodate their evening patrons a little more than their daytime customers. The bar is located in the center of the room with bar stools surrounding it. There are tables lining the parameter of the room with a booth style seat on one side and bar stools on the other side of the table. Although I’m not a huge fan of the bar stools for eating during the day, since they don’t have backs attached to them I really enjoyed the amount of open space available. You didn’t have to feel like you were sitting on top of the table beside you, and the tables are wide enough that you’re not worried about balancing items near the edges. 

Now to the part that everyone cares about: the food. I had ordered their classic breakfast which consists of bacon, hashbrowns, eggs, sourdough toast, and a couple pieces of fruit. Much to the dismay of everyone in my life, I am not a huge fan of bacon. However, I was pleasantly surprised about how their bacon was served. It wasn’t too crispy, and it wasn’t undercooked or chewy either. The other very exciting thing about this classic breakfast was the fruit that was included. Oftentimes you get stuck with melon or a browning banana, but that was not the case. I received large orange slices which were perfect to cut the grease from the bacon. The one thing that wasn’t spectacular was the amount of seasoning salt on the hashbrowns. It was a bit overpowering, but a little ketchup fixed that problem right away. Overall, it was the perfect amount of food and was prepared very well. 

The experience was very pleasant and certainly one that I will be back for in the future. They are not overpriced, it’s clean, very open, and their food tasted good. There isn’t much more you could demand from any food establishment. My experience may inspire you to give The Cure a try during your next brunch experience. Hopefully it’ll be just as pleasant as mine was. 


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