The importance of letting loose


Erin Ball
Nexus (Camosun College)

VICTORIA (CUP) — An important part of leading a balanced lifestyle while in college is letting loose and partying once in a while. If we are careful and smart about partying, it can be a benefit to our lives.

When it comes to college and partying, students get a bad rap (think beer bongs and Girls Gone Wild). But it’s possible to cast off the stereotypes that plague college students and still party like it’s 1999.

It’s no secret that students are stressed. Dealing with school, work, and family can be as confusing as missing the last episode of Lost – or, conversely, watching it. To de-stress we’re advised to slow down and find some quiet time.

But going to a club to dance or drinking beer on a patio with a bunch of friends can do wonders for stress levels.

Not only does dancing release endorphins, but the time spent partying with friends and meeting new people can strengthen bonds. Some studies even show that people who flirt have a higher white blood cell count, which can boost immunity.

By partying, we’re able to forget our worries and just be ourselves. Sure, the next day may bring a hangover the size of Texas, but by being smart and exercising the slightest bit of moderation, partying can lead to a happier, healthier life.

Every year, scores of people head to various music festivals like Coachella, in California, Bonnaroo, in Tennessee, or Sasquatch, in Washington. In much of Canada, an annual August pastime is attending Shambhala, a yearly electronic music festival held on a remote farm in the Kootenay mountains of B.C. Folks from all over the northwest flock to Shambhala for one reason – to party.

Wandering the banks of the river during the daytime and the various stages at night, it’s not unusual to see people dressed like fuzzy animals, burlesque dancers, or glow-in-the-dark samurai.

The partying is non-stop and the people who go absolutely love it. Festival attendees let loose and dance all day and night.

And while that kind of partying can be dangerous for those who overdo it, the majority of people leave the festival feeling exhausted, but also feeling very happy and relaxed.

Today’s busy world has few places where people can let loose wholly and completely like at Shambhala. Of course, as with many things in life, too much partying can be a bad thing.

Irresponsible partying can lead to alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, and embarrassing photos on Facebook.

Many college students have gone down the dark path of excess, never to return.

The key is to know your limits when it’s time to get down with your bad self.

Take time to party safely and responsibly, and you will be rewarded with good times and lasting memories.

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