The misogynist, the womanizer, the President


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Donald Trump, unlike Hillary Clinton, has a reputation for being a womanizer and misogynist. “A womanizer” is a selfish, narcissistic, nefarious character that needs to manipulate and use women for their own childish, self-serving ego. “A misogynist,” on the other hand, is a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women. I hate how much those two words remind me of Donald Trump!

In the first week of October this year, an exceptionally lewd tape was released of Donald Trump bragging about kissing married women, making sexual advances on them, and groping them without any consent.

“When you are a star, they let you do it,” he says.

The tape shone a bright light on the history of Trump’s sexual assaults against women. According to the Huffington Post, Donald Trump has a child rape federal lawsuit against him. He allegedly raped “Jane Doe” in 1994, when she was only 13 years old, and the mainstream media has ignored the filing.

Lisa Broom wrote, “If the Bill Cosby case has taught us anything, it is to not disregard rape cases against famous men.”

And she is right!

Another lawsuit against Donald Trump was from 1997. Jill Harth and her significant other were working on a business deal with Trump when he started making unwelcome sexual advances. In her lawsuit, she states that he always leered at her inappropriately, groped her on several occasions without her consent, and even went as far as “attempted rape.” Trump, of course, denied all allegations and described them as “meritless.”

Miss Washington 2013, Cassandra Searles, dubbed Donald Trump a “misogynist,” and said, according to a Yahoo! news report, that he had “continually grabbed my ass and invited me to his hotel room.”

Few clips shown by CBS from its show Entertainment Tonight in 1992 showed Donald Trump addressing a bunch of 10-year-old girls, and remarking about one of them as she passed by him, “I’ll be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?” Keep in mind! Donald Shit Trump was freaking 46-YEARS-OLD when he made that comment toward a 10-year-old girl! Fucking outrageous! Why isn’t this guy in prison yet?

Contestants from 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant have said that Donald Trump would suddenly enter their dressing room while they were changing. Keep in mind, some of the contestants were as young as 15 when Trump would walk into their changing room while they were naked. Miss Vermont Teen USA said that he would say, “Don’t worry ladies, I’ve seen it all before.”

The allegations, lawsuits, and stories go on and on. Many victims stepped forward and spoke out against Trump; he has accused each of lying, with the threat of a lawsuit. Nothing has changed. The Donald hasn’t been punished. He is still seeking to lead the “free world.” Yes, it’s in quotations. The USA isn’t part of the free world, in my opinion; it’s a country were a misogynist is running for president and people are blindly voting for him. Ignorant people aren’t free! Sadly, what they are is free entertainment!

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