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Driving the lane/

Driving the lane/

The Cougars are primed and ready for another run to the top

Author: suzanne barber – sports writer

Although we are used to having a successful women’s basketball team, there are some notable differences to the Cougars this season. The team is currently sitting with a 3-2 record in the regular season, losing both games by only three points, and is once again looking strong. So what’s new for this season, and what can we expect from our ladies? Fifth-year shooting guard Taylor Pelletier weighs in on expectations, challenges, and how she feels about her last season as a Cougar.

1. You are in your last season as a Cougar, what are the positives and negatives of being a fifth year player?

“It’s great that I have had the opportunity to play for five years, but also an awesome feeling to know I made it through to the end because it is such a large commitment. It’s nice to be looked at as a leader and to be able to give positive feedback to the younger players, as I was once in their position. Some negatives would be that I will be finished playing the sport I love at such a competitive level. Also knowing that next year, I wont be able to enjoy all of the perks of being part of a team and spending every moment with this group of wonderful people.

2. What are your expectations for the team this year?

“Even though we are not as strong as we have been in previous years and we are low on numbers, I think that we will still do well. With such a small group of players, it has been easier for us to come together as a team and I think as the year goes on we will learn to play together and really grow as a group. All of our games are going to be a battle but we will be ready for the challenge!”

3. How do you think these expectations will be met?

Each individual player needs to be prepared to work hard on their own and get better always, and also by us as a group bonding and building that connection and chemistry that will help us perform together on the floor. It is all about team this year.

4. What are some of the differences this season compared to last season?

“This season, there are a few differences compared to last year. We don’t have a full roster, as of now we have nine players, so it changes a lot of what we can do in practices. Different people are stepping into different roles due to numbers, and younger players are getting more of an opportunity.”

5. What are your greatest challenges as a team this season?

“Our team has been used to blowing teams out in previous years and winning most of our games, whereas this year, we will have to get that out of our heads. We are going to have much closer games and they are going to be more of a challenge, so we are going to have to prepare ourselves to work harder than ever before.”

Come out and support Taylor and the rest of the team this weekend (Oct. 9-11) for three home games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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