The Blackout Bowl


The Ravens got away with murder against the 49ers

Paige Kreutzwieser

I heard there are thoughts that the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. Unfortunately, for us folks here in Canada, we still would have to show up to school and work hung over. How unfair.

But, besides the fact that you may be in a state of coma after the copious amounts of beverages and food you indulged in, nothing actually beats the fact that you just watched an amazing battle on the gridiron.

Now, maybe not all Super Bowls have had the same ambiance as this: brother’s dueling it out as head coaches, Ray Lewis’ potential to ascend into the heavens, and if Colin Kaepernick could deflate the “elite” resume Joe Flacco was looking for. But, then again, what didn’t this Super Bowl have?

We had a pathetic start for the 49ers, Jacoby “mother effing” Jones coming out to play, Flacco adding more zeros to his salary, millions of people watching the Mercedes-Benz Superdome lights turn off for over 30 minutes, a surprising Niners comeback attempt, a new NFL category of post-power outage stats, and the Ravens literally ‘holding’ off San Francisco with a 34-31 win.

But, all that set aside, we should congratulate the United States on housing Beyonce’s bootylicious performance. After just having a baby and being able to kill those dance moves in those heels, plus rocking it out with Destiny’s Child, it’s no wonder the lights went out.

About those lights, hey? Tom Westoll, a student at the U of R, who – like nearly everyone else in the world – dubbed this the “Blackout Bowl”, was one step behind Oreo, who quickly created a clever ad in response to the power outage, which occurred a handful of minutes into the third quarter.

Also, Twitter was on fire with hilarious remarks about the ill-timed blackout. It was a great way to occupy the time while the announcers tried desperately to come up with predictions and stupid useless facts about power outages in NFL history.

And, even though I was rooting for the Ravens, I still feel bad that it’s only one day after the game and 49ers quarterback Kaepernick is already willing to take majority of the heat for the loss. I mean, he wasn’t even on the field when Jones set a Super Bowl record with his 109-yard kickoff return.

Speaking of Jones, No. 12 was some pretty tough competition for Beyonce, flaunting his moves and swag all over that end zone.

That is what I like so much about the NFL – the confidence. And the Super Bowl ust fuels this with all its media day coverage and montages. Even Lewis being quoted in response to the double murders saying “if you really knew how God works, he don’t use people who commit anything like that [murder] for his glory.”

Seriously, what didn’t the Blackout Bowl have?

I could go on about the over analysis of the Harbaugh brothers’ reactions, and how the Niners couldn’t figure out what to do in the 34 blackout minutes instead of stupidly using timeouts, and Canada being screwed over again by the CRTC with Carpet Superstore commercials. But I won’t, because I am so much more knowledgeable now knowing that Mariana’s Trench is performing in Moose Jaw.

Well, thank you New Orleans. Here’s to a rough Monday and probably over a month’s worth of annoying controversy and sound bites from Super Bowl XLVII.

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