The Bell Tower Episode Six

With Kent and Rhiannon!

Kent Peterson and Rhiannon Ward get elbow-deep in the mostly dangerous pile of fun that is Gormley quotes, ticket contests, Quitters Week and so much more, here on the Paper Dreams Podcast Network. [display_podcast]


  1. Mark Reid 9 November, 2010 at 22:22

    Kent you are indeed EVIL!!
    You promised the faithful listeners of  "The Bell Tower"  that if they kept listening to the show you would read more segments from Gormley's book using your best Gormley voice. So I listened and listened and listened and guess what? Nothing! Nadda! Zip! Zero!
    Did Gormley somehow issue a cease and desist letter during the recording of the podcast or did you get cold feet?
    I look forward to a redemptive podcast in the near future.

  2. Mark Reid 12 November, 2010 at 23:17

    Hey Rhiannon,
    I'm thinking about getting snow tires for my car this year. In the past I've always stayed with the all season radials. Anyway, I was wondering what advice you might have for me.

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