T+A: Hipster’s paradise


author: mason sliva | a&c editor

Hipster’s paradise/Jaecy Bells

A look inside Regina’s favourite vintage and vinyl emporium

Regarded as a paradise for hipsters, T+A Vinyl and Fashion has held a special place in Regina’s hearts for roughly half a decade. I had a chance to speak with Tim Weisgarber – who opened the store alongside his wife, Amy – about their history, and their new location.

  1. Can you tell me about the shop’s history?

Soon after we were married, we joked about how great it would be to open a vintage clothing and record shop (both dreams we had for years). We thought it could be possible if we started very small and decided to try it out. In 2014, we started selling at festivals and then pop-ups in rental commercial spaces. In May 2015, Adam and Kelsey (owners of Malty National) asked us if we’d consider opening a shop at their new location on 15th Ave. We were there from November 2015 until June 2017. We’re now located at 1603 Victoria Ave. (two doors down from Italian Star Deli), and loving it.

  1. Why did you decide to get into the industry?

We’re both passionate about vintage clothing and music. Amy has been collecting vintage clothing and I’ve been collecting vinyl since the mid-‘90s. We both love the style and quality of vintage clothing and records. Also, clothes are often disposed before they’re worn out; why not give them a new home and a new life?

  1. How does the new location differ from the old location?

The new shop is more chill and boutique-feeling than 15th Ave., probably because the brewery creates a higher energy. We also have more foot traffic at the new location because we’re closer to downtown and on Victoria Avenue.

  1. Did you feel constrained in your old location?

Nope. It was a great start sharing a space with a coffee shop and brewery that created an exciting energy. Our current location is also a shared space with a new (amazing) coffee bar, Happy Hi Coffee and a hair studio, Franks.

  1. How does it feel being one of the only stores of your kind in Regina? Do you feel that Regina is destined to become a more culturally aware city?

We’re very happy to bring something unique to the city. We can only hope that Regina is on the path to be more culturally aware. We have been well supported by the music and fashion communities and hope more folks will become inspired to open unique, locally focused businesses.

  1. What are some future goals for your business?

We plan to continue to work on collaborative projects in music and fashion with Canadian artists and local creatives. We promote small music shows, and are part of the Swamp Fest planning team and are currently working on Swamp Fest 2018 on Sept. 7-8.

  1. What’s the hardest thing about operating a store?

Finding time to bring all the ideas we have into fruition. It’s hard to manage the day-to-day functions of running a storefront and then spend extra time to throw shows, style photo shoots, and work on making the space better. The creative projects are a lot of work but it’s what we love!

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