How to survive finals


author: kristian ferguson | news editor

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A how-to on how to survive the worst time of the year!

Finals are so close and if you are an English major like myself, you are already firmly planted within Hell Month. So, if you are feeling the end of semester stress, here is the Kristian Ferguson patented guide on How To Survive Finals.

Firstly, just stop. Honestly. Take a break from studying, do literally anything else for a little. This is also granted that you have spare time before finals. If you do, then take a break.

Secondly, focus on what is happening next. If you have three finals spaced out over a week or so, focus on them in chronological order. Address what is most immediately important and it will help make the terrifying goliath of finals seem much more manageable.

Third, go the museum. The museum (and by extension the McKenzie Art Gallery) are free and open at pretty much all times. If I’m bored and need something to do, this is always fun. They tend to change their exhibits or have special events fairly often that make it a continuing source of entertainment.

Fourth, drink with friends. Granted that you have the time, have some friends over or go out somewhere and grab a pint. It feels good to let loose and just focus on something else for a little. That being said myself and the Carillon would like to stress that you enjoy your intoxicants in moderation and safely.

Fifth, and maybe this one should have been the first, start early. Finals are much more manageable if you start studying and preparing long before you ever actually have to do one. As soon as regular classes are over, get to workin’.

Sixth, just relax. As best you can, just relax. This is hard to conceptualize when you realize that you need to know every single thing about Victorian England, but getting stressed and fretting over every detail doesn’t help anyone, let alone yourself.

Seventh, make flashcards! Writing things out often helps you retain the information more than just staring at it. In addition, you now have handy flashcards you can re-study.

I’m running out of ideas so I guess now is a good time to end it. Everyone, stay safe this finals season, we all want to see you actually finish your degree.

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