Summer sports roundtable

  • john loeppky | sports editor
  • brady lang | sports writer
  • destiny kaus | production manager
  • matt wincherauk | Editor in Chief
  • Knights with pens are athletes, right?


    1. Summer is here and that means a whole bunch of sports are starting and a few are reaching the peak of their playoff season(s).
    Which one is your summer sport of choice and why? If you’re not the sportsing type, which sports do you watch during this time of year?

    Destiny: BASEBALL!!!!! ‘Cause the season is super long so I can watch all the Jays games all the time. I’ll probs watch some bball too, just because the Raptors are actually doing good…or did I miss something and they’re out now? Whatevs. I really don’t care. Baseball all the way, doggies.

    Matt: Baseball. I can’t think of too many things better than sitting back and watching a game of baseball (on TV or in person). I’m heading down to San Diego in early July, and got some sweet tickets to watch the Padres play the Yankees. I plan on belting A-Rod in his stupid face if I get the chance.

    John: The sports I play don’t exist during the summer, so my summer sports season will be dedicated to cheering my friends on at this summer’s Paralympics and watching NBA League Pass reruns. It’s a sad, sad life when you’re not a massive fan of baseball.

    Brady: Baseball, without a doubt. I’ve always been a diehard Red Sox fan, with them being successful, it’s easy to cheer for them. At the same time, I played sports my entire life and even though I’ve switched to beer leagues, nothin’ can beat a little ball in the summer.


    2. If you had to pick one sport, and you could only play and watch that one sport for the rest of your life, which would it be?

    Matt: Cheese rolling. Have you seen these insane people? It’s like a damn demolition derby with these people flying down a hill face first.

    John: Wheelchair rugby, easy. Second place goes to basketball in all of its forms, but that’s just so that I can throw the Celtics’ endless losing in Matt’s face (Ed. Note: 17 rings and counting). On the opposite end of the spectrum, if I had to pick one sport I would never have to play again, it would be water polo. I look like a drowning dog when I swim and, funnily enough, I feel like one too.

    Destiny: Softball. Obviously. ‘Cause it’s the only sport I play. But, it’s not really on TV, so that sucks. But at least I could keep playing my sport and kick butt at it, right? Right.

    Brady: Well, baseball. See the question above, but at the same time it’s the greatest pastime. The laidback vibe really makes it worth it.


    3. Now’s the time of year when people end up playing games on the beach. Do you enjoy throwing the ball around, or would you prefer to sit at home and watch how the professionals do it, why or why not?

    Brady: I literally grew up on the beach. So obviously I’m not the one to turn down any sports, that’s not even a question. But I’m not the best at volleyball. Any football on the beach I’d never turn down.

    John: I like chucking a football around more than sipping a cider and crying into it, out of sheer boredom by the way, as the Jays find a new way to choke away another game. I like to keep up the appearances of being an athlete. There is no off-season, or at least that’s what I tell myself. Being an athlete is just a big, long guilt trip, realistically.

    Matt: I enjoy tossing a Frisbee or football around, but not on the beach. I hate sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere…

    Destiny: Why would I sit at home when I could be out on the beach?!?!?! Throwing balls at the beach, chucking Frisbees, and fishing (that’s kind of a sport I think) are my fave. Much enjoyment. Such physical activity. Gotta stay in good beach shape *chucks deuces*.


    4. If you had to pick between exclusively supporting professional leagues or local talent, which would you choose and why?

    Matt: Professional leagues. Local talent is nice and all, but I want to see the game played at the highest level. It’s why I can’t watch college basketball or football anymore. I’d rather see the athletes who get paid millions of dollars to play the game, because well, THEY’RE PROFESSIONALS.

    John: Local, because without the local athletes, you don’t have strong professional teams, you don’t have great experiences like a Saskatoon Rush game or the Labour Day Classic without organizations like Regina Minor Football or the RCBA.

    Destiny: I don’t understand this question. Lol, I’ve brained too much today already. #concussionproblems

    Brady: Professional leagues, we live in Saskatchewan, when it comes to hockey, we are the best per capita in the world. So, professional hands down.


    5. Fill in the following blank: during the summer I hate ____ about sports.

    Matt: During the summer I hate all the sweat and gross stuff about sports. Sweat is gross and I’d rather not do that. Give me an air-conditioned gym over an outdoor court any day.

    John: Hearing about the same sports – and yes, I know that didn’t fit into the question but I’m bending the rules here, bite me – baseball this, baseball that, mixed in with needless offseason noise, all the while largely ignoring both the Olympics and Paralympics, except to trot out some fake nationalistic pride.

    Destiny: Nothing. Because sports are awesome and I can never hate sportsing!!!!!

    Brady: Nothing.


    6. And, because the sports editor who is writing these is not a complete pessimist… during the summer I love ____ about sports.

    Matt: During the summer I love the ability to mix alcohol with sports. I can drink beer while playing baseball/basketball/Frisbee etc. I don’t need to explain myself further.

    John: Playoffs. The best month for sports is May. Baseball is starting and the hopes and dreams of each team are still alive, the NBA and NHL are in the midst of their playoffs. The major soccer leagues are sprinting to their conclusion and football’s only significant offseason activity – the lead up to the NFL draft – is happening.


    Brady: Everything.

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