Study spot review: Stone’s Throw

Make sure you drop in before they pump the brakes on pumpkin spice. Victoria Baht

This new series will keep you up to date on the hottest and floppest of Regina study spots

Now that classes are back in person, are you looking for the perfect study space? Are you someone who just works better when you are not in your own home or living room? Well, today we are going to be talking about a café that may be the perfect study space for you. This will be the start to a new series in the Carillon to help you find all the best study places in and around Regina.

For the moment, I will be talking about a coffee shop known as Stone’s Throw Coffee Collective, which is located conveniently close to the University of Regina. When you walk into the café, you are welcomed by a great number of things. They have a very welcoming vibe with lots of chatter due to customers and music in the background; it really welcomes you into the place. As you look around you can see plants that are hung up, pieces of art, cute quotes, and so much more. The little detail that is all around this place is really eye-catching.

Not only are all the different decorations eye-catching, but they have all different types of seats for customers to choose from that can make you feel nice and comfortable. Whether you enjoy sitting on a bar stool and letting your feet dangle, a chair and table set up, or relaxing on a couch with a coffee table nearby, there are options for you.

Once you find the perfect spot for you, the next most important part is your choice of beverage. By the looks of their menu, they have a great selection for you. Whether you enjoy drinks that include espresso or not, a hot drink or something on the rocks, they have options. I was here for a dine-in experience to give this review, and I tried the rocky road mocha – man was it good! It had the perfect chocolate-to-coffee ratio, and it definitely helped smooth over all the bumps that I ran into throughout this week.

Not only do they have plenty of different beverages to choose from, they also have lots of food whether you want a bowl of soup, a tasty sandwich, or baked goods. To give you the full review, I could not pass up enjoying some baked goods after catching up on hours of homework, so I enjoyed a slice of pumpkin cheesecake. Now, this may be only a temporary desert because of the fall season, so no guarantees it will be here on your next visit, but I have got to say it is not one you will want to miss out on. This piece of cheesecake was the perfect size, and the texture was great. Just delicious!

Not only do they have great seating and a great selection of beverages and baked goods, Stone’s Throw Coffee Collective has board games and books. I talked to a staff member named Henrique who let me know that the board games and books are there for the enjoyment of customers during their stay.

So, this café has all the seating options, all the beverage options, very good baked goods, and some ways to entertain yourself while you are there. Now, the big question: is this café a good study space?

Personally, I have to say yes! While I was sitting there for about three hours I got a great deal of work done, and I would not have gotten nearly as much done at home. It felt like because the location is so close to the university, a great deal of people know that you are studying or working, and they just let you do your thing – which is just perfect!

I hope this review encourages you to go and try out this location and other coffee shops to get some work done as there are plenty in and around Regina. Stay up to date with all the best places by following along with this series in the upcoming weeks.


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