Audacity Mural Project seeks artists and space

Brightening up the place for blocks around. Lee Lim

This push to brighten up Regina has started off strong, but needs continuing support to reach their 25 mural goal

When you put art in a city for all to see, it can brighten up the city. It can make it colourful and nice to look at. It can make it feel more welcoming and friendly; that’s what Audacity YQR is trying to do in Regina.

Audacity is an organization here in Regina that seeks to promote local entrepreneurs who will, in turn, make the community better. They seek to support Regina locals in every way they can.

In the spring of 2022, Audacity started a project they called the Audacity Mural Project, or AMP. The goal of the project is to create 25 murals and art installations before the end of 2025. As a way to promote local entrepreneurs in Regina, Audacity is allowing them to create art in Regina, for Regina. According to their website, the project is part of the Urban Renewal Project, and its goal is to “activate the walls and streets of Regina to celebrate and promote culture, community, and commerce.”

The project itself has five main goals, which are to “celebrate Regina’s audacious spirit and history, celebrate and promote inclusivity and diversity, promote creativity, innovation and commerce, create community pride for all ages, and beautify our city.”

This summer included phase one of the Audacity Mural Project. During phase one, public art was created over 10,000 square feet in Regina. The first public mural was created by Carly Jaye Smith. Smith is a local artist from Moose Jaw. The mural went up on the side of Leopold’s Tavern on Albert Street. The mural included a picture of a woman holding a spray can and the words “Dream Big” next to it.

According to Smith in an interview with CTV, the mural was “kind of like an example of what we’re trying to do and then more people want to get involved and it grows from there.” This is not Smith’s first Regina mural. She created the Mary “Bonnie” Baker mural in Regina Central Park. She believes that many people “can relate to a splash of colour on the wall or have it brighten their day just for a couple minutes,” and that “It’s the small things in life that matter and I think that kind of plays into that.” When talking to the Leader-Post, Smith said that the mural “tells a story of a girl, painting that message [Dream Big], for everyone to hopefully follow suit.”

Other than Smith’s work, there are currently six additional murals up in Regina as part of this project. There are fish and other aquatic sea life at the Regina Public Library on 12th Avenue. There’s a woman with blue and pink hair at the Cornwall Centre. The words “Be Audacious” can be seen at the Lawson Aquatic Centre on Elphinstone Street. Victoria’s Tavern Downtown boasts the phrase “Let’s Do Epic Sh*t!” as part of this project. The Regina & District Chamber of Commerce on Albert Street reads “Come Together.” And finally, the Saigon by Night restaurant on Broad Street features a tiger, a small dragon, and a beautiful background of plants and waterfalls.

There are still over 15 murals left to go, so if you’re an artist and interested in painting a mural in Regina, let Audacity know! They’re looking for mural artists on their website under the mural section. Submit your name, your social media, and your portfolio to get a chance to get your art up on Regina walls. The project is ongoing, so keep an eye out for new artwork on our walls and the murals that are already up!


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