Student resource: Career opportunities with Career Education at CESL

A door opens into an office space with the words “Centre for Experiential and Service Learning” overhead.
Equipping students with essential skills for the job market makes this office the Clark Kent on campus. lee lim

Networking and recruitment at the upcoming annual Career Fair isn’t all this office offers

Navigating the wild world of job searching, resume building, and interview preparation can certainly be daunting for any student. But, at the University of Regina (UofR), the Career Education department at the Centre for Experiential and Service Learning (CESL) is set to empower students to serve and lead with purpose.  

Offering a range of services from career development sessions and job boards to specialized employer events and co-op opportunities, the department aims to support students and alumni alike. Free for all UofR students, Career Education is your one-stop shop for turning aspirations into achievements. 

The Carillon had the opportunity to speak with the Manager of Career Education, Kevin Fiessel, to gain insights into CESL’s holistic approach to career development. Fiessel emphasized their commitment to equipping students with essential skills for the job market. “We offer interview workshops, focusing on developing great interviewing skills and we also offer one-on-one career counseling and mock interviews.” Simply type in and you will be able to browse CESL’s main website portal to familiarize yourself with what it means to be a “Career-ready Global Citizen.” Building on this ethos, their services are designed to be as practical as they are informative. From specialized interview workshops to one-on-one career counseling, CESL aims to provide students with real-world skills. The university’s inclusive and diverse campus environment, in fact, further complements the Career Education’s offerings. This Fall 2023 semester has seen a record-breaking enrollment surge for the university, totaling 16,860 domestic and international students. This impressively adds to the campus’ existing diversity, where international students make up 17.7 per cent of the total student body and 14.7 per cent of that body have declared themselves Indigenous. 

CESL’s commitment to career development extends far beyond the classroom and the campus. Kevin Fiessel elaborated on their outreach strategy, stating “All University of Regina students should be aware of UR Path! A strong web presence makes sure students know about what we offer.” Beyond the digital realm, CESL employs a proactive approach by sending out emails and deploying volunteer ambassadors to meet and greet with new students, friendly faces to help the latter navigate their way to their classes on the day of orientation. This ensures that even students who may not initially be aware of the services have multiple touchpoints to learn about what CESL can offer them. This multi-channel approach ensures that whether you’re a freshman just starting or a senior preparing for the job market, you have ample opportunities to engage with CESL and to take advantage of the comprehensive career development services at your disposal. 

The workshops offered are categorized into two main types: career workshops and skills workshops. Under career workshops, students can attend sessions on customizing resumes, honing interview skills, finding career direction, and effective job searching. These workshops are tailored to help students not only land interviews but also perform exceptionally during them. The skills workshops, on the other hand, focus on soft skills that are essential in the professional world. These include networking etiquette, leveraging social media for career connections, and developing presentation and leadership skills. There is even a workshop on basic computer skills, ensuring that students are digitally literate, a necessity in today’s job market. 

Moreover, one of the most anticipated sold-out events hosted by the CESL is the annual Career Fair day. This year, the Career Fair is scheduled for next week – September 25 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. in the CKHS Gym 3 (Main Gym). Each year, a wide variety of local, national, and international employers come to the University of Regina to share information about their organizations and to discuss future employment opportunities with the students and alumni. It is UofR’s biggest recruitment event, connecting Canada’s top employers with students from all Faculties.  

Enthusiastic about this event, Fiessel stated, “Last year, we held the most successful Careers Day ever! We are going to duplicate that success this year.” With exhibitors set to be on campus, students have a golden chance to network and potentially secure a job. To prepare for this significant event, Fiessel recommends that students sign up for the Careers Fair preparation sessions offered by the Career Services Coordinator. Be sure to send an email to to get signed up for one of these sessions. 

What sets the CESL apart is its commitment to students even after they have graduated. Fiessel notes, “Every one of our services we offer to current students are also provided to alumni, free of charge.” This means that alumni can continue to benefit from career counseling and other resources by simply reaching out to CESL. It continues to be a resource that students can turn to at any stage of their career journey.  

Recognizing that each student’s career path is unique, CESL leverages flexible resources to meet individual needs. As Kevin Fiessel aptly puts it, “We encourage all University of Regina alumni to reach out to us if they are in need of career counselling.” So, whether you are navigating the challenges of your first job, considering a career change, or seeking to advance in your current field, Career Education at CESL is your steadfast partner. 


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