Staying active in a Saskatchewan summer

Saskatchewan’s so flat that if you squint, you can watch students run from their obligations for three days straight. Amina Salah

Whether you’re roasting alive or being physically blown away, there’s never a dull moment

Heat, windy days, and sunny days are all reminders that summer is indeed upon us. As the weather warms up and the sun graces the Earth each day, it becomes significantly difficult to stay active, especially in the heat. The best thing to do is check the weather every day to see if it will be windy. I prefer to go out when it is windy due to the simple fact that it will be much cooler.

Many people love going to the gym or working out by following videos on social media platforms. While these are all convenient ways to stay active, sometimes it is important to venture out and look at working out as something that is not a duty, but something enjoyable that allows you to interact with your neighbourhood and community.

It is important to remember the special land we live on and how sacred it is. As the weather warms up, it is even more important to reconnect with the land. It is important to appreciate the beauty in it, and how magical it is when seasons change before our own eyes. We are too pre-occupied with life and adulting that we forget to take a step back and smell the roses every once in a while. Before we know it, it will be fall, and snowy days will be following shortly after.

The easiest way to stay active is to simply go on walks and get to know certain neighbourhoods. Going on walks is an easy-going form of working out. It is great for the simple fact that it does not feel like a chore or a nuisance. Rather, it is enjoyable, and it can be quite therapeutic for nature lovers. The best place to go on walks is usually in your neighbourhood; however, I prefer the university’s area the most. The trail from Luther College to the First Nations University of Canada is so breathtaking during the summer. This is especially convenient for those who are already on campus and need a break from their classes, studying, or even finals. Victoria Park is another fantastic spot for walking.

Furthermore, another way to stay active during the summer is outdoor yoga. Wascana is big enough and there are areas that are secluded where many people are not nearby. Another alternative to yoga is using jump ropes. It is fun and it doesn’t draw much attention from strangers. The more you do jump ropes, the more you can train your body to do it for longer periods of time.

Another way to stay active during the summers is counting your steps. In my personal experience, this is easier for cities that are walkable. Having lived in many parts of the world, this is an issue I am slowly working through here in Regina. Walkable cities are sustainable for so many people and it is easy to get from one location to another. I’ve found that the more I would walk, the more toned I would become. On the other hand, activities such as swimming or going to the beach are perfect during the summer as it gets hotter. Pilates is an excellent activity to do at the beach. There are also many videos online that can serve as guidance.

The reality is that exercise and fitness is personal for everyone. It is not one size fits all. Everyone is different and everyone has their own preferences, unique to them and their fitness goals. My philosophy is to not make it difficult for myself or view it as a chore. I do this by doing things I enjoy such as going on walks with a good podcast playing through my airpods, just basking in nature. It helps me stay connected to my neighbourhood, my neighbours, and my community. It is also something that helps me appreciate the land we live on and how special it is. It instills gratitude in me. It is an introspective ritual that gives me the space to clear my head and just think about my own well-being.

The biggest task is trying to make the time to do it. There are those who work out five days a week, however, that is not sustainable for a lot of people. Thus, I use walking as a way to get my cardio and my steps in every day, especially on days where I am not working out at the gym. Although I don’t particularly enjoy the heat, I can appreciate the change in seasons, and I try to use this as an opportunity to do things that are difficult to do in the winter months. This is, of course, going on walks as often as I can without the potential of freezing to death.

Outdoor summer activities such as going on walks, going to the beach, or hiking are enjoyable because they are things that you could do with your friends, colleagues, or loved ones. It is a perfect way to bond with people. And, because you might be walking with someone else, it doesn’t feel like a chore or a difficult task. Rather, it just feels like a conversation, an opportunity to catch up.

At the end of the day, we are all trying to do our best with the resources that are available to us. The most important thing to remember is that health and wellness is a journey. It is a chance to nurture and nourish your body. It should be something you enjoy doing, something that brings you joy, and something that is a reminder that our bodies are important. They are there to not only serve us, but also work with us.


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