Sports Roundtable – Streaking – The non-naked kind

It bothers me when players miss free throws

It bothers me when players miss free throws

Participants: Taylor Sockett, Brady Lang, Matt Wincherauk, Kyle Leitch, Michael Chmielewski

The Cougar women’s basketball team is currently on an eleven-game winning streak. How long can they keep the streak alive?

Sockett: I think it will keep going till they lose.

Lang: The team is on a roll and at the CIS level, momentum is everything. The ladies have been very good for the past few years and I believe the sky is the limit for the club.

Wincherauk: I don’t see it ending for a while. Looking down the Cougars schedule, the next loss I can see happening, is when they play the Calgary Dinos, so I’ll say that they get a split when they play.

Leitch: I wish the women’s basketball team an Undertaker-at-Wrestlemania-like streak (21-0, for those of you too cool to admit you’re still into pro wrestling).

Chmielewski: I guess the best, and standard, advice is to take it one game at a time and all that. What might work better is to look back on the last eleven wins and try to dominate the next team even more.

The Regina Pats are currently in the midst of a stellar season and sit fifth in the Eastern Conference. Could this be a Memorial Cup team?

Sockett: No this is the Pats were talking about; give them some time they’ll be falling apart shortly. With plenty of games left to play I wouldn’t be buying the champagne just yet.

Lang: The Pats are a very streaky team and are very unpredictable. They now have Klimchuk coming back from injury, and like I said before, the team is unpredictable. Anything can happen in the WHL.

Wincherauk: I’m afraid I don’t pay much attention to the Pats, but I’d be hesitant right now. For right now, no, let’s give it a little while longer.

Leitch: So I had to look this up. Apparently, a team from Regina has won the Memorial Cup four times. The Roughriders have won the Grey Cup four times. I think it’s a part of the contract of every professional sports team in Saskatchewan; no one can out-championship the Roughriders. Long story short, no.

Chmielewski: Let’s hope so, although a stellar season doesn’t translate as success in the playoffs. All that matters is getting to the playoffs, and from there, in my opinion; it’s a level playing field. I think they might have a shot.

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching many football fans are jumping on other team’s bandwagons. Which team are you supporting until the end?

Sockett: The Broncos are going to thrash the Seahawks. I’m looking forward to Peyton Manning embarrassing Richard “the best corner in the league” Sherman. But seriously Manning is just too good.

Lang: Sadly, my Niners couldn’t pull it out against those damn Seahawks. I think myself and Carillon Business Manager Shaadie Musleh will have a tough time watching Russell Wilson play in East Rutherford instead of Collin Kaepernick..

Wincherauk: I cheer for the Patriots, Patriots and Patriots. If you’ve ever spoken with me, you know that Tom Brady is football Jesus. My heart tells me Patriots, and I’ll leave it at that.

Leitch: The Vikings didn’t make it (again), so I don’t give a damn. I’m usually in the Super Bowl for the commercials, anyway.

Chmielewski: Well, I’m an Eagles fan, so that ain’t happening. But if I were to pick my favourite? It’s Tom Brady and the Patriots. And boy was I wrong. The Pats may as well have not shown up. Broncos take it, then.

Team Canada’s Olympic hockey roster was announced last week. Who was left off of the roster that you feel most deserves a spot on the squad?

Sockett: Claude Giroux, despite him playing for my despised Flyers, Giroux is one of the best players in the league. That, combined with the fact that he’s an excellent skater, should have punched his ticket for Sochi, I don’t know what Stevie Y. was thinking.

Lang: Easy answer is Marty St. Louis, but my answer is Jarome Iginla. I know he’s older but really, no love for Iggy…

Wincherauk: It has to be tough to leave someone like Marty St. Louis off the Olympic roster. Been around forever, and I’m sure he was one of the big time leaders on the team. He’s one of the biggest snubs.

Leitch: Wladimir Klitschko. I think if Canada sucks at hockey now, we need to bite the bullet, and hire some boxing heavyweight champion of the world-class enforcers.

Chmielewski: Apparently Don Cherry is pissed that Brent Seabrook and Martin St.Louis didn’t make the cut. Good. I think anything Don Cherry thinks Team Canada should do is a bad idea, and they should do the opposite.

Former UFC middle-weight champ Anderson Silva recently got his leg broken in disturbing and disgusting fashion. He claims that he will be back in the octagon. What do you think?

Sockett: There are two ways that Silva could be back in the octagon, one as the pre-match entertainment, the incredible rubber leg guy. Or two, and my personal favorite, Silva could apply to be one of the ring girls.

Lang: I still can’t watch that video and I believe that after a gruesome injury like that, there is no way Silva will be back.

Wincherauk: Retire Spider. You’ve had a great career, but this is devastating, and I’m not sure his heart was going to be in it very much longer anyway. We might see one final match to show he made it back, but that will be it, and it certainly won’t be for that Middleweight championship.

Leitch: I think he’ll be back in the Octagon in much the same way that Chuck Liddell is. Anderson Silva will make cameo appearances as a relic of the bygone era to scare the shit out of younger fighters.

Chmielewski: I wonder if he’s worked out a special deal with Metamucil or some other such product for senior citizens. Face it dude, your career is over. I really hope he doesn’t try fighting again. It’ll be a pathetic way to end an amazing career. Don’t be Brett Favre.

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