Sports Roundtable – Saskatchewan collectively cries into a Dressler jersey

Imagine all of them being sad now.

Imagine all of them being sad now.

Participants: Taylor Sockett, Kyle Leitch, Autumn McDowell, Brady Lang

The Cougars men’s volleyball team earned their first win of the season last weekend against Manitoba and brought their record to 1-17. How many more wins do you think the Cougars will get before the end of the season?

Sockett: Don’t ask Blang. He said the Seahawks wouldn’t win the Superbowl (we have video confirmation of this). How bloody sad is it that people are excited about a team being 2-18. I have no clue how many of these athletes are on scholarships, but explain to me why the University is cutting offered programs, raising tuition, yet they tolerate piss poor performances like these.

Leitch: Wow, that sucks. When you’ve got the near-inverse record of the 2007 New England Patriots, there’s not much hope left.

McDowell: Since I wrote this question the Cougars picked up another win, tying their win-total last year, of two. I hope the Cougars pick up at least one more win so that they can say that they had a record-breaking year. No one has to know what record they broke. Since 2008 they have had a total of 12 wins, including this year. Trinity Western has 13 wins this year alone.

Lang: I think that they’re playing with a chip on their shoulders and I believe after knocking off a fifth-ranked Thompson Rivers squad this weekend that the team will have no troubles righting the ship in the final few games.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders recently released fan favourite Weston Dressler, who appears to be taking his talents to the NFL. Do you think Dressler will have a long NFL career, or will he be back in the CFL?

Sockett: I think he’ll be back. There are several younger, faster, stronger, more skilled players coming up from college. That’s what none of these players from the CFL seem to understand, nonetheless I would like to thank him for his time in Ridernation, wish him the best of luck and hopefully I’m wrong.

Leitch: It seems that more and more CFL players are migrating south, and sticking it out. What the hell, I’ll be cautiously optimistic. Dressler is getting drafted to the Detroit Lions, and they’re winning the Super Bowl next season.

McDowell: I just can’t see him lasting in the NFL; he’s just so small. I know the guy is talented but you can be someone in the CFL and be an absolute nobody in the NFL. He’ll be back. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but definitely by the year after that. Hopefully he doesn’t go the way of Fantuz and suck when he comes back.

Lang: I think he will have a long career in the NFL. We’ve watched him grow his game in Saskatchewan and we know what he can do as a player. It should be no surprise that he will be successful in the American game.

Regina born snowboarder Mark McMorris recently suffered a fractured rib during an X-games competition. Do you think this injury will affect his performance at Sochi?

Sockett: I think anyone who says it won’t is crazy. There’s nothing that can be done for a broken rib – no braces, no casts, nothing. McMorris will feel the pain anytime he moves his midsection let alone if he falls. It will definitely be a lot for him to over come, hopefully he can suck it up and preform through it.

Leitch: Hahahahahaha! Ahahahaha! Screw McMorris & McMorris!

McDowell: I find it hard to believe that it won’t affect him. To get enough torque to twist your body so many times in the air has to put some pressure on your core and rib area. Hopefully he can power through it. Shaun White has been dropping out of nearly every slope style event anyway. McMorris, the gold jacket’s yours; Shooter’s gonna choke.

Lang: Not to the extent that many people think it will affect him, yet it will be extremely painful for the Regina product. I do fully expect a gold medal for McMorris in Sochi.

The MLB recently approved protective headgear for pitchers. Do you think this was a necessary change?

Sockett: I hadn’t heard about this prior to today but I went and had a look online and although I think it’s a great idea to protect the pitchers, I don’t think that this new headgear will make much of a difference when the pitcher catches half a bat or a ball in the teeth.

Leitch: After as many nasty bat-fracturing-and-coming-back-in-pitchers’-faces videos as I’ve seen, I’m honestly shocked that this hasn’t happened earlier.

McDowell: I don’t think it will be that much of a difference. The padding barely covers their head, so them getting hit in the face is apparently a risk that the league is willing to take. A baseball can annihilate a bird into pillow stuffing, so I feel as though that small amount of protection is no match for a homerun hit.

Lang: No, not necessary, but after all of the problems that they’ve been having in recent years, I have a feeling that more pitchers than expected will be wearing the protective headgear.

The NHL’s trade deadline is just over one month away. Which player do you think most needs a change in scenery?

Sockett: If the Jets don’t make a move, I will cry my eyes out. They have become far too complacent with narrowly missing the playoffs. Get rid of anyone but Ladd; he’s the most mediocre captain in the league, which is a pretty cool bragging right.

Leitch: Gary Bettman. Time to put that old heifer out to pasture.

McDowell: Any member of the Edmonton Oilers, or any member of the Buffalo Sabers. The most likely scenario is that those two teams will come to a deal together and just trade crapiness. They’re boneheads like that.

Lang: Any player on the Edmonton Oilers.

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