Sports roundtable – Mar. 15, 2012


Regina will finally experience this little thing called the playoffs

Autumn McDowell, Britton Gray, Colton Hordichuk
This week's roundtable

Which University of Regina sports team do you think parties the hardest?

McDowell: I think I will have to go with the men’s hockey team, better known as the “boozebags.” Seriously, you walk into a hockey party at 121 or 86 and immediately see every player with a death grip around their own 18-plus pack of beer. Though the hockey parties were arguably better last year, and featured DJ’s, dance floors, and trainer’s rooms being boarded up, they still engage in annual leg wrestling competitions, which partially makes up for it.

Gray: The football team parties the hardest. I’ve heard about football parties and they have kegs galore and a load of alcohol to go around. I have heard the hockey kids parties can get a little bit crazy too, but like weird crazy.

Hordichuk: The U of R Weekend Warriors. Yes, this is a shout out to all of the hardworking students who put in countless hours of studying and homework, just so they can go out and tip it on back on the weekend. I don’t always answer roundtable questions with passion, but when I do – it’s for the Weekend Warriors.

Regina will have playoff hockey for the first time in a long time. Will you be attending any Pats playoff games?

McDowell: Damn right I will. However, though I will be at the game, I will not be “standing with them.” Seriously, “Come stand with us” has got to be the absolute worst slogan for a season that I have ever heard of in my entire life. I mean, “Sea of red” wasn’t great either, but let’s be real – no one stands at hockey games.

Gray: No, I will not, but I do wish them all the luck in the world. It will be good to see some playoff hockey in Regina. If I wasn’t a poor starving university student I would have forked out the cash to go, but that just won’t be happening.

Hordichuk: I’ve been trying to get to a Pats game all year, let alone a playoff game, but I just can’t find the time to go.  I remember when I was a kid, I told my friend’s mom I can go to the Pats/Warriors playoff game with them, but she thought I said I can’t – so I didn’t go. I was so devastated, I watched Pokemon, and held the waterworks back all night.

What name (besides RAGE) would you pick for Regina’s Lingerie Football League?

McDowell: Oh boy. I am going to try and refrain myself for making some sort of hilarious acronym that coincidentally spells out SLUT. But it’s so hard to refrain when their Skimpy Lingerie Undermines Talent. See how that just happened.

Gray: Hmmm ,there’s a lot of potential. The name should be both intimidating and should be used to strike fear into the opponent’s hearts. Maybe the Regina Crushers? The Regina Maulers? Also, maybe we can get Carly Rae Jepsen out for the first home game and she can sing “Call Me Maybe.”

Hordichuk: I’d like Regina’s Lingerie Football League team to have the same name as the ECHL hockey team out of West Virginia, the Wheeling Nailers – except it would be the Regina Nailers.  I can already picture the memorabilia and slogan now: “Who’s Ready to Get Nailed?”

Do you think Sidney Crosby should try and make another comeback this season, or should he wait until next season?

McDowell: I really don’t think he should try and come back again this season to be honest. Obviously, no one wants to see Sid back on the ice more than I do, but when he’s back I want him to stay back, not tease me by playing eight games and then be sidelined again.

Gray: Well, the NHL will be trying to get him to return, because he’s the face of the league, but I think he should wait. The team doesn’t need him too badly the way they have been playing, and after the last “comeback” he should wait.

Hordichuk: Crosby should sit this one out, unless Bylsma really feels that the Penguins can make a legit run at the cup. Other than that, he should just take a seat, eat some of those delicious hockey rink hot dogs in the press box, and enjoy an ice-cold frosty beer.

Where do you think Peyton Manning will play football next year?

McDowell: Well, apparently he has been taking a good look at Arizona, but if I had my way he would go to the Vikings. To have him and my boy AP on the same team would be nothing short of unreal. People keep talking about him going to Denver, but the Broncos are so bent on ass-kissing Tebow that I have trouble believing he would go there.

Gray: Manning will be playing in Miami, Arizona, or Denver and I personally think he should go for Denver. Then Elway can trade Tebow to a team that appreciates him and he can finally have someone who believes in him. Maybe the Riders?

Hordichuk: Peyton Manning will be taking his talents to south beach and he’ll be playing with the Miami Dolphins. Let’s hope to God if he does end up in Miami, that Manning’s Super Bowl ring will give LeBron James some incentive to actually win a championship.

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