Sports Roundtable – How big of an advantage is a hometown crowd?

You won’t be smiling after you see these roundtable answers /Image: Arthur Ward

You won’t be smiling after you see these roundtable answers /Image: Arthur Ward

Participants- Taylor Sockett, Michael Chmielewski, Paige Kreutzwiser, Brady Lang

This year the University of Regina is hosting the 2014 women’s volleyball National Championships. Do you think the Cougars will make it to the finals in front of their hometown crowd?

Sockett: Let’s just say the odds of that happening are about the same as getting hit by lightening, winning the lottery, and being mauled by a bear all during a solar eclipse. As I am writing this, the team is off to an 0-4 start, which begs the more important question: Why is the University sinking money into this team? With consecutive unsuccessful seasons you’d think the money could be better spent on a worth-while team. Perhaps we should dust volleyball and fund the ultimate team; at least they can win.

Chmielewski: I think the home-court advantage will really help our Cougars, but ultimately it comes down to the team, obviously. I hope they win, but I’m not sure.

Kreutzwieser: Let’s just all reminisce about last year’s basketball CIS championships here and how much fun (aka: drinking) we all experienced. But for the male fans, you now have an added bonus that the girls will be wearing tight uniforms – booze and spandex, what more could men ask for, right?

Lang: The home-town crowd is always a factor heading into a tournament of this magnitude. If the team catches a wave and feeds off the loud crowd anything is possible.

On Nov. 10 the Saskatchewan Roughriders will host the division semi-finals. What is your biggest concern about the Riders as they head into the post season?

Sockett: The offense not putting the ball in when we are in the redzone. This has gotten ridiculous and it continued Saturday afternoon. When you have to settle for three points instead of seven, that’s a loss. Cortez needs to go to his drawing board this week and figure this shit out or we don’t stand a chance.

Chmielewski: That they win. I want to see the awesome crest fall that will be the Riders not playing for the Grey Cup at home. Muhahahaha


Kreutzwieser: My biggest concern is whether Ridernation can keep themselves together. Whether we will admit it or not, the impact our fans have on the way we play is huge.

Lang: My biggest concern has to be – for the first time in years – the receiving core. After losing Chris Getzlaf, the offense looked out of sync and seemed to be covered quite easily in the game against Calgary.

The nominees for the CFL awards were announced last week. Who is your pick to win outstanding rookie?

Sockett: I had the pleasure of playing on a Senior Bowl game with the two players on my short list and they’re both tremendous football players. I’m talking about Brett Jones and Levi Steinhauer, but I have to give the nod to Jones. As a rookie to come in and start every game at center, arguably one of the toughest positions to play, is impressive enough but to not look out of place at all is amazing. If Jones does not win there is something seriously wrong with the league.

Chmielewski: I’m going to guess the guy from the Bombers, Ian Wild. He’s got the best name.

Kreutzwieser: If I don’t say Levi Steinhauer, then my roommate, closest friends, and hometown of Moose Jaw may disown me. But, truly I hope he wins. Also have you seen his hair? That, in itself, deserves an award, because it’s red and there is lots of it.

Lang: I think we’re going to have a unanimous decision on the roundtable this week. Calgary star centre, and Rams alumnus, Brett Jones definitely deserves to be chosen as Rookie of the Year. What he’s been doing in Calgary is really special; I just wish we had him instead of them.

No one could have expected this, but the Toronto Maple Leafs are currently first in the Eastern Conference. Are they the real deal this year?

Sockett: My best friend informs me that the Leafs are the real deal this year, which makes me laugh. The beauty of an 82-game season is that about 75 per cent of the games mean nothing at all. Yes readers, you heard it first from me, the 82-game season is just a ploy by owners to line their pockets at the expense of the players bodies. However, I digress the Leafs have now dropped to third in the East, so this is the begging of the end of their playoff push. Sorry T.O. fans, better luck next year.

Chmielewski: Yes. The Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup this year.

Kreutzwieser: I can’t wait to read Autumn’s response to this question, and since I will have to wait I’m just going to remind her about how the Leafs are currently in first in the Eastern Conference. Leafs are in first. Leafs . . . first. Leafs.

Lang: Yes they are. This team has Brian Burke, and Brian Burke’s trusted side-kick Dave Nonis’ finger prints all over it, which means they are built for winning in the playoffs. Watch out for Toronto.

Goalie for the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche, Semyon Varlamov was arrested on suspicion of second-degree kidnapping and third-degree assault. Varlamov’s agent claims this was a conspiracy to keep Russia from winning the Olympics. What do you think of this mess?

Sockett: I think it’s funny, but it’s not just Varlamov we should be worried about. You see, Varlamov’s new coach, Patrick Roy, is a little psycho as well, so as a service to the community I have prepared this public service announcement: My fellow Canadians, as many of you know, the Avalanche will soon cross our border “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, they snatching up your people.”

Chmielewski: The allegations against the netminder are pretty serious. It’s actually really sad that this stuff still happens today. If he is found guilty, then he doesn’t deserve to play in the Olympics. He doesn’t embody the spirit of it. But, he has to get his due process, so we’ll see where it goes.

Kreutzwieser: With this alongside all the Armstrong-Pistorius-Hernandez scandals going on, I wanted to applaud MLB on keeping a clean reputation this year, but never mind.

Lang: Did they really think Varly was going to start in the Olympics? One word… Buh-Brovski.

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