Sports Roundtable – Hockey Season!

The guy laying down has the right idea/ image: Emily Wright

The guy laying down has the right idea/ image: Emily Wright

Participants: Taylor Sockett, Paige Kreutzwieser, Brady Lang, Matt Wincherauk – It’s a four-way tie for the most time spent in the penalty box!

The men’s hockey team played two pre-season games last weekend, what do you think the squad will look like this year?


Sockett: The men’s hockey team is looking promising this year, losing only one player to graduation – don’t ask me who, I don’t remember. Along with their first play-off appearance in years, and upsetting the U of S Huskies in the preseason, the Cougars are on the prowl this season. Look for them in the playoffs again, this year.


Kreutzwieser: Because hockey season is upon us I’ve decided to actually look into answering these questions as legitimately as I possibly can. And after much research I’ve decided “Good” is the appropriate answer. Be excited, readers. I’m getting my hockey knowledge on this year.


Lang: After their three games the Cougars ended up 2-1 in the University of Regina Summer Challenge. In my opinion, they looked pretty good in the game that I watched on Friday against the U of S Huskies and I think that once the team gets comfortable with each other they should improve on their 13-12-3 record from last season.


Wincherauk: I don’t pay too much attention to the Cougars hockey team, but from what little I’ve been able to research, it should be a bounce back year, and an improvement on their 13-15 record from last year.


Three Roughriders have been charged with aggravated assault after leaving a 20-year-old with serious injuries after a bar fight in Regina in late August. What actions do you think the team should take for these players?


Sockett: Beat it, just beat it. Beat it like a dead horse. At least, that’s how the parasitic journalists and analysts throughout our fine country will deal with it. Innocent ‘til proven guilty. I don’t know the facts; however, the fact that the 20-year-old left in serious condition is rumoured to be a drug dealer, I have trouble believing he was just minding his own business. The Riders should do nothing ‘til they know all the facts.


Kreutzwieser: I don’t think a suspension from the club before a verdict is the best answer. However, I do think the organization was a bit taboo-ish in allowing them to play against Toronto. But from this comes confirmation Anderson is just as crazy off the field as on, so do with that as you will, Riders.


Lang: Well, they did break the team code of conduct, and they still played. But the Riders still lost,  so we can’t blame the loss on the players not playing, right?


Wincherauk: You don’t mess around with this stuff, depending on the charges, and if they are convicted, you release them. This is the kind of stuff that is absolutely unacceptable, and should come with the highest form of punishment from the team.


NHL 14 finally released. Do you plan to purchase the latest game?


Sockett: Sports editor McDeezy and I have begun, “The Relationship Series: a best of seven series in NHL 13, where the loser will be in charge of purchasing the new chell. To recap game one, my Jets came out hard in Pittsburgh cruising to an easy five-nothing win. However, sports editor McDeezy is a poor sport, and in the late minutes of the game she gave Jets Captain Andrew Ladd a cheap shot, injuring him for the rest of the series. I have been in talks with the league about a suspension, but then I realized there is no league, and I’m just crazy. Editor’s note: I was on a three-game winning streak prior to this, and it was not a cheap shot.


Kreutzwieser: My roommate pre-ordered it, so my Call of Duty obsession may be put on hold for a couple months until I confirm that I really am no good at chell and, therefore, will go back to me getting slaughtered by 14-year-old boys in COD.


Lang: Needless to say I bought it on the first day and built my Flames a championship team in less than a day, so why can’t Burke and Feaster do it?


Wincherauk: I get NBA 2K and Madden every year, but I don’t normally get NHL. I’m not that invested in hockey so I probably won’t be purchasing the game this year again.


It’s almost October, which means it’s almost hockey season. Which NHL team do you think looks the best heading into training camp?


Sockett: I’d love to say the Oilers, but lets face it, missing out on the first overall pick this year pretty much killed the hopes of them being any good. They need 24 first overall picks to have a hope in hell of winning the Stanley Cup any time soon. This is a tough question and I’d hate to say it, but the Habs look fairly solid this year. They have all the pieces in place to have a successful season.


Kreutzwieser: Leafs. I’m testing out a theory that when Autumn reads that word she self-combusts. But, I’m no scientist or hockey expert, which is why I have horrible theories and no legitimate answers.


Lang: I know it’s cliché for choosing last season’s Stanley Cup Champion, but realistically, Chicago looks the best heading into training camp. They lost a few key guys in the off-season, but they have the best leader in Teows. The ultimate underdog this season will be the St. Louis Blues. You heard it here first.


Wincherauk: At this point, I’m not going to be making any predictions, but I’d say the Penguins. They brought back all the key components of their team last year, and so long as they don’t have to meet the Bruins, they’re probably the team to beat.


Last week, the Carillon ran a story on roller derby. What would your roller derby nickname be?


Sockett: My roller derby name would be Rock’em Sock’em Sockett, I have no idea why, it’s all I could come up with. Get off me.


Kreutzwieser: I thought I’d do a play on words like Paper Executer, but that just sounds so incredibly lame. Therefore, an online generator has given me DarkLord, which sounds way more badass.


Lang: So, this one got me. I took a name generator quiz online and I was dubbed Elenore Brusavelt. New nickname, I guess.


Wincherauk: I’m not getting involved in this. I don’t have the creativeness to come up with a good nickname. I’d just go with MattyWin like I do for everything else.


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