Sports Roundtable – Favourites from 2013 and predictions for 2014

He’s got jelly legs.

He’s got jelly legs.

Participants: Taylor Sockett, Kyle Leitch, Michael Chmielewski, Brady Lang, Matt Wincherauk

Many University of Regina teams have had nearly one month off from competition over Christmas. Which team will come back the strongest after the break?  

Sockett: I had expected to see the men’s hockey team make a serious push for a playoff spot; however, its going to need to be a big push the way they have been playing recently. The men’s hockey team was embarrassed in back-to-back games in Calgary, losing 2-8 and 0-9 prior to the New Year. The team holds a 1-1 record since the calendar change splitting a series with Lethbridge. But, really, that’s a team they have to beat. Dear men’s hockey, good luck in the New Year and step it up!   

Leitch: Do we have a full contact chess team yet? If so, then them.

Chmielewski: Since I’m obligated to hoodwinked fanaticism, I have no option but to say all of them. Go Team(s)!

Lang: I believe the men’s hockey team will end up with a winning record this season and come back with a strong second half.

Wincherauk: I feel like I have to go with the men’s Basketball team, just because I know these guys so well. I think they needed some time to gel and get into a groove, and I know they were hard at work this break, getting up jumpers and whatnot.

What was your favourite sports moment of 2013?

Sockett: I’m desperately trying to think of anything other than Grey Cup 2013, so in an attempt to upset sports editor McDeezy, I will say the Boston Bruins sweeping the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference Final. The Penguins, for a very good team, looked completely pathetic in this match up, despite being the favorites to win the series. Nothing – Grey Cup excluded – in 2013 sports made me happier then being apply to rub it in McDeezy’s face that her team had been swept.

Leitch: Anderson Silva getting knocked out, only to come back and atomize his fucking shinbone in the rematch. Cocky prick.

Chmielewski: I’d probably say using the golf club around the office to hit stuff, and the highlight being Tech Editor and awesome dude Arthur Ward nearly knocking Olivia out… And he’s a Cougar athlete. (Fret not, if you notice, dear reader, there is no Olivia on staff, unless I am sorely mistaken. It’s one of the computers.)

Lang: Definitely the 101st Grey Cup in Regina. That Green Mile was incredible!

Wincherauk: I am a diehard Boston sports fan, so for me it’s the day of Oct, 13. The Patriots managed a miraculous comeback off a Tom “Fucking”  Brady touchdown in dying seconds, and then the Red Sox saved their season off a grandslam from Big Papi David Ortiz. Magical day I’ll never forget.

Many people are getting back in the gym, or quitting smoking this time of year. What is your New Year’s resolution?

Sockett: Stop crushing two McDoubles a large fries and a large drink at one o’clock in the morning. Update as of Jan. 5, 2014 at approximately 1:20a.m., my resolution has failed. Oh well, there’s always next year. Who wants to go to McDonalds?

Leitch: Hey, what do you know? Both of those things are on my to do resolution list. That thing’s getting longer than a Leonard Cohen song.

Chmielewski: I’ll be either starting smoking or stopping going to the gym, but the inverse is probably much closer to the truth. I’ve done both in my life, so which should I start again? The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Lang: People still make those?

Wincherauk: Watch more sports? I’m not sure if that’s a resolution, considering how much I do it already, but that’s what I’ll go with.

Which member of Team Canada were you the most impressed with during this year’s World Juniors?

Sockett: I will not be answering this question, as there is nothing impressive with a team Canada that doesn’t even get a medal, so I’m opting to go on a rant instead. How brutal was the refereeing by the IIHF this year? A player is given a two-minute penalty for assaulting an official while a two-minute penalty and 10-minute misconduct is given for a very questionable hit to the head? Not to mention an officiating crew that was determined to give Sweden gold on home ice. Come on, IIHF, you’re ruining the sport faster than Bettman did.

Leitch: Wayne Gretzky. I hear he only cried for four solid hours instead of his usual week-long affair after Team Canada’s performance.

Chmielewski: The one who scored the most. I got nothing, I didn’t watch them.

Lang: Zach Fucale raised a lot of eyebrows coming in for Jake Patterson after Patterson struggled – for the second World Juniors in a row – and played solid. If it weren’t for a few unlucky bounces Team Canada would be partying instead of Finland.

Wincherauk: I’ll go with the goalie, Zachary Fucale. He’s had a great run so far, and has kept this team in games while their offense struggled to get going.

With the Olympics approaching quickly, which sports are you the most excited to watch?

Sockett: Naturally hockey might be my traditional answer; however, in the past couple of Winter Olympics, I have really enjoyed watching ski cross and snowboard cross. For those who don’t know what these are it is a race between usually four people on a downhill track similar to motocross. The results are close, intense wins; highflying jumps and heartbreaking defeats. This relatively new Olympic sport is extremely exciting and I can’t wait to watch.

Leitch: The 100-meter dash out of St. Petersberg, wherein athletes will race to freedom under the watchful riflescopes of the Kremlin. In lieu of medals, winning athletes will be allowed to live.

Chmielewski: Hockey, of course, as ironic as that sounds with answer number four. I’d rather watch the summer Olympics though, they’re better. Boxing is where it’s at.

Lang: I love watching the skiing and snowboarding events, but really I have to watch the men’s and women’s hockey. There is nothing better than Olympic hockey!

Wincherauk: Hockey. Has to be hockey. Only hockey right now. We have to defend our gold in the sport the world associates us with most.

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