Rams final game a loss to Huskies


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What a college career for noah picton / nathan mccarville

Rams lose big again to close out the year 

The Rams have played their last game of the season against the Huskies, worsening their own regular season record, while improving the record of their proximal adversary. After the game, the Huskies have officially clinched a playoff spot, and a home playoff game, at that.  

The end of this game is the final career game for many fifth-year Rams as members of the U of R football team. To name a few, linebacker Danny Nesbitt, who has not missed a game in his 40-game career; Atlee Simon, a draft pick of the Calgary Stampeders; and Noah Picton, a player who has broken numerous USPORTS records, among which are the records for passing yards in a game, as well as career passing yards, who is among Toronto Argonauts’ draft picks.  

Despite the good careers that these players have had as Rams players, I wish I could say similar things about the last game that the Rams played this season. I would have liked to give this article a flashy beginning line to draw a reader in, like “ending the season with a bang!” But, unfortunately, the game was anything but that.  

Losing their final game after a streak of disappointments starting with the forfeitures of the three of the four games that the Rams have won this season due to an ineligible player being on the field at the time, their record is officially tallied as one win and six losses. As such, the Rams are among the only two teams who are ineligible for the Canada West playoffs.  

Because of the exclusion from the final football games this year to determine the best team Canada West has to offer, greener players have played in the recent games that the Rams have played against the Calgary Dinos and the Alberta Golden Bears, to questionable and somewhat disappointing results. With Noah Picton out of the last few games due to a toe injury, Colton Hippe took on the role of quarterback for the Rams’ game against the Huskies this past Friday. 

Despite the less than ideal situation, the team as a whole stated that it’s important to finish off the season strong and go for the win against the Huskies.  

The result of the game showed a lack of aptitude by the Rams that fans are used to seeing, the game ultimately having the crushing result of 57-14 for the Huskies. It is a standard that one would expect more from a team like the Golden Bears, rather than the Rams.  

Saskatchewan were the first to put points on the scoreboard with a field goal from Sean Stenger at 28 yards, seven minutes into the first. The move was followed by a three-yard run from Atlee Simon, getting seven points for the Rams, giving a hopeful early outlook for the team late in the first quarter.  

Though the start of the second saw a wide pass from Kyle Siemens, the Huskies Quarterback, throwing the ball 70 yards to Colton Klassen who attained a touchdown for the Huskies, pushing the Huskies three points ahead of the Rams. Huskie Tyler Chow made a 34-yard run later on in the quarter for another seven points for his team, widening the gap in the scores that would lead to the 43-point difference between the scores by the end of the game. Another big move by the Rams allowed Kyle Borsa to make a 65-yard run into the endzone, putting the score to 17-14 for the Huskies. Despite the good start by the Rams, these were the last points that the Rams scored for the game. What followed was a field goal by Sean Stenger, as well as a last second touchdown by Adam Machart from Kyle Siemens, pushing the Huskies score up to 27-14 by the end of the second.  

The third brought more bad news for the Rams. A safety, followed by a touchdown from Jesse Kuntz, put the Huskies up by 10 more points. Then, an 18-yard pass to Joey Trumpy of the Huskies from Kyle Siemens put the score up to 43.  

Finally, in the fourth, with two touchdowns, Kyle Newton received the ball thrown by Mason Nyhus, and a Adam Machart made a four-yard run for another touchdown, putting the score to the final 57-14 for the Huskies.  

This concludes the season for the Rams. Tumultuous as it was.  

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