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Football is thriving in Saskatchewan … still no hockey

Braden Dupuis, Britton Gray, Kris Klein, Paige Kreutzwiser

With their 31-9 victory over the Saskatchewan Huskies Friday night, the Regina Rams advance to the Hardy Cup. How do you think the Rams will fare against the Calgary Dinos on Nov. 10?

Dupuis: The Dinos have been beastly again this year, but judging by the way Mueller and the rest of the Rams are playing, I think we’re in for a good game. And it’s on TSN, which means we don’t have to tune in to Access 7’s grainy visuals and god-awful commentary.

Gray: I think the Rams will go out with something to prove. They beat the Dinos once already this year and I believe that they can do it again. It is going to be a hard game and the Rams should put forth 100 per cent and kick those Dinos asses once again.

Klein: Jump on the bandwagon people, cause I believe they are Vanier bound! With Marc at the helm and the defence playing as well as they are doing right now I don’t see any way that Calgary can beat them. But, then again, anything can happen in the playoffs; but this I’m sure: the Regina Rams will be playing in the 2012 Vanier Cup.

Kreutzwieser: I think the Rams stand a chance. They are the only team to beat the Dinos this year, so I am sure they can do it again. I know all the fans, myself included, who sat during the awful weather last Friday would love it if our team paid us back by just putting out a good effort against the Dinos. Good luck boys!

Rumours are swirling that Regina Pats standout Jordan Weal will be returning to the team after being listed as a healthy scratch for the AHL’s Manchester Monarchs multiple times this season. Do you think Weal will return to the Pats and if so, which other 20-year-old would you let go to make room for Weal?

Dupuis: Full disclosure – I come from a part of the province known in some circles as the “Mid-Boreal Upland,” where the bears are free to marry whomever they choose and the only hockey team of relevance is the Prince Albert Raiders, who for the first time in years are looking mildly competent. Fuck you, Regina Pats.

Gray: I think it would be good for the pats to get Jordan back, but which 20-year-old would they let go in return? I have no answer to that question mostly because I have no idea who the 20-year-olds on the team are. I feel like an idiot but at least I’m honest, right?

Klein: It would be stupid if he didn’t. Like you are staying in the AHL being a healthy scratch instead of coming back to Regina, lighting it up and improving your game. Eberle did it – coming back in his 19-year-old year instead of making the jump – and he is a better player for it. And for the 20-year-old situation, I would let go of Hewitt. Trade him for a younger goaltender or some draft picks and help secure the team’s future.

Kreutzwieser: Since I know absolutely nothing about the Pats, all I have to say is: if he’s good, there might be a few more excited teenage girls going out to the games. I’m just “pucking” around. Pun intended.

After their loss to the BC Lions on Nov. 3, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are riding a four game losing streak heading into the playoffs. Are you concerned about this?

Dupuis: Not in the least. With a week of rest under some key starters in Durant, Dressler, Sheets and Willis, there’s no reason why the Riders can’t put a good old fashioned beating on the Stamps, and the horse that they’re named after.

Gray: Yes I am concerned. This team has been hot and cold all season and this does not bode well for the team when it comes down to a single game elimination. This team has been inconsistent all year and I feel it’s not going to get better.

Klein: Nope not at all. The Riders have always sucked in the last few games of the season, most notably in 2010 when they lost four of their last five games and still made the Grey Cup; and that was with sleeping Kenny coaching the team. They will be focused and ready to take those Stamps to the glue factory.

Kreutzwieser: It does scare me, a lot. A four-game losing streak is not to be taken lightly. And if the Riders expect to continue through the playoffs, Durant needs to step up, and that concerns me as well, because his season has been just okay – and “okay” doesn’t get you very far in playoffs.

Even with their new “dream team,” the LA Lakers are 0-3 to start the NBA season. Does this surprise you?

Dupuis: I’m, like, totally surprised and stuff. Last night, I couldn’t sleep cause I was all like, ‘Whaaat?’ And today I couldn’t eat breakfast cause I was just like, ‘Nooo! I’m so surprised!’ And then this afternoon I had violent diarrhea because ‘Whaaat? They should totally be winning!’ No seriously, I think I need to see a doctor.

Gray: It does surprise me that team is 0-3. I knew that it would be a bit before they really gelled and dominated, but I thought with the amount of talent on the team they would still be able to win games. I expect them to get things rolling soon, though.

Klein: To be honest I really don’t care. I refuse to turn to the dark side and watch basketball in place of hockey. I would rather watch Honey Boo-Boo instead of basketball. OK, that’s not true but I will not watch basketball.

Kreutzwieser: I don’t particularly like the Lakers, but besides that, no, this start does not surprise me. They have a starting lineup of veterans who clearly are too self-centred to play cohesively enough to get wins – I hate Kobe. It takes time, just like the start of the season for the 2010-11 Heat dream team.

Scum of the Earth, Gary Bettman, announced the cancellation of this year’s Winter Classic. How do you react to this?

Dupuis: Actually, I find myself developing Stockholm Syndrome, in that I’m now totally on the owner’s side. Fuck those greedy asshole players and their overstuffed wallets. ‘Oh we’re the victims! Wahh! We’re giving up so much!’ Fuck you. There isn’t enough room here for me to fully elaborate, but seriously, just give me some fucking hockey already.

Gray: This just goes to show what the sports world has come to. Everything is now a business and is no longer played for the sport. Gary Bettman cancelled the Winter Classic because it is one of the more financial parts of the game, and what better way to get at the players then cancel one of the biggest events that they get their money from.

Klein: You know, it’s funny that even though the game was cancelled, the Toronto Maple Leafs still found a way to lose a game. All kidding aside I’m going to kill him. Seriously. And if anyone wants to join me, I accept all followers. We will avenge the 2012-13 NHL season if he cancels it, one way or another.

Kreutzwieser: The Winter Classic is where they serve unlimited amounts of Tim Horton’s coffee and teams compete outdoors in beer pong, with a cash prize of $25, 000 Canadian Tire money, right? Gary Bettman, how could you? I kid. But really though, I don’t care.

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