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To quote Spanish soccer commentators: GOOOOAAAAALLLL!/Alexey Chernyadyev

To quote Spanish soccer commentators: GOOOOAAAAALLLL!/Alexey Chernyadyev

The contributor Christmas edition

  1. Grey Cup was this past Sunday. Did you watch the game and, if you did, what kind of festivities/shenanigans did you participate in? Did the team you were cheering for pull it out, or did you have to drown your tears?

DK: I did not watch the game because I was drowning in homework for this upcoming death-week of class. Who won? Edmonton? I was quietly cheering for Edmonton in      the back of my mind as I crushed some essays since I have a friend on the team… so hopefully they won… that’d be cool.
EB: I’ll be honest. I didn’t watch much of the Grey Cup. I was more invested in the Pittsburgh and Seattle/New England and Denver NFL games that were on. From what I saw, though, it looked like a good match-up. Good for Edmonton on winning the big one again.

JF: I did not watch the game. I’m a way bigger NFL fan to be honest. Though I was cheering for the Redblacks, I didn’t feel too upset when I heard about Edmonton’s victory. I have a soft spot for Henry Burris and that charming smile of his. Sue me.

BL: Who cares this year, like really. It was Hank vs. Reilly. Shocker, Hank choked again, but it was the Grey Cup and, as a Canadian, it’s almost your duty to have a couple Pilsners while watching the Grey Cup.


  1. Christmas brings a festive feel to anyone’s house. For your respective households, are sports involved? Does your tree have some sportsy ornaments on it or are you far more traditional and prefer to watch your favourite hockey lose over the holiday season?


JF: At Christmas time, sports are very much a part of our celebration. Usually hockey is the go-to sport whether it’s a game that day or just a replay of an old favourite of ours. Nothing better than watching the Vancouver Canucks win during the holiday season.
BL: My Niners ugly Christmas sweater is always a go-to around Christmas time, multiple Calgary Flames Christmas ornaments on the tree. Also, my parents thought I’d grow up to be a Leaf fan and I think one of my ornaments at home has my name on it; don’t hold it against me. [Editor’s note: don’t worry, we do.]
EB: There is somewhat of a sports theme around our home. We have stockings with our team logos on them (Go Bruins) and a couple of decorations as well. Watching sports is more of the tradition though. Yeah, there’s nothing quite like cheering against someone’s favourite team, which always leads to some funny moments.
DK: One thing I will never ever do over Christmas is watch hockey. Lame. As for ornaments, I literally have a six-inch tall tree with one non-sports ornament on it. Maybe I’ll upgrade this year to a twelve-inch tree and some sportsing ornaments. Ah, yes. I must admit though, I love watching all the top worst and best plays of the year. But, I guess that’s more of a New Year’s thing. Fail.


  1. Speaking of hockey, the World Juniors are an annual tradition in these parts. Do any of you think that the Canucks will be taking home the gold this year?

EB: Canada? Winning the World Juniors? Maybe. Of course, the last few years have slowly started turning me into a pessimist. I’m going to predict a silver medal; they’ll get close, but just not close enough. Regardless, whatever the result is, Go Canada, eh.

JF: If Canada doesn’t win gold at the World Juniors this year, it will be an absolute travesty. Granted, many of the players looking to suit up for the country must be released by their NHL team. But regardless, the squad looks unreal. Names such as Connor McDavid, Max Domi, Sam Reinhart, Bo Horvat, Nic Petan, Jake Virtanen, and even potentially Jonathan Drouin could be donning the red maple leaf. This could go down as the best World Junior Team Canada to ever play together.
BL: HA, not at all, unless they trade for Luongo.

DK: World Juniors! Yay! So much better than the NHL. I personally think the Canucks will take home gold. And, they better. ‘Cause let’s be real here…no one wants the U.S.A or Europe to win. I think the Canadian boys are due, so go get ‘em bros.


  1. Those of us who count sports among our primary passions always end up with sport-related gifts come Dec. 25. What is your favourite sports gift that you’ve received? Were there any that were more than slightly disappointing?


DK: This one Christmas, I got a snowman made out of little softballs. It was so special. I still love it to this day. I also always love getting cash or large gift cards to SportChek to support my sporting career. Then I can go pick out what I want. I am very picky with my sports gear, so having someone else pick it out for me would not be okay. That would just lead to utter disappointment.
EB: Oakland Raiders gear! Just win, baby! I got a hat from my dad and a jacket from my brother, easily some of the coolest things I’ve received. Back when I was young, I vaguely remember getting a Florida Panthers jersey, too, but I have no idea when I was ever a fan. Weird. In any case, yay, Oakland. Boo, Florida.

JF: My favourite sports gift is easily getting a jersey of any sort. I have a little hobby of collecting jerseys. I like putting them up on my walls and calling the space my “man cave.” I once received a Drew Brees jersey relatively close to when the Saints defeated my beloved Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl. I wasn’t too upset though because that’s one less legend I need to add to my collection!

BL: My parents had an ongoing thing that they’d buy me ‘chel and Madden every single year, that’s kind of gone out the window in recent years. But also, if you look back in the vault at old Christmas pictures, you’ll see that most of my pyjamas were hockey themed. It started with the Leafs, but as I got older, smarter, and was able to pick a good team, it turned into the Flames.

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