Sports Roudtable – How to spend reading week: Watching Olympics

High fives all around

High fives all around

Particpants: Taylor Sockett, Kyle Leitch, Autumn McDowell, Brady Lang

The men’s hockey team is currently in a tight race for a playoff spot and will have to face the No. 1 and No. 3 teams in the conference in their final games of the season. Do you think the Cougars will make the post season?

Sockett: I said when the Cougars lost their home and home series against Mount Royal that they would miss the playoffs. This is has to do with Todd’s team lacking the killer instinct to win games against teams they are better than. See you guys on the fairway.

Leitch: In an effort to completely alienate the Carillon from every one of our sports teams here at the University of Regina, I’m going to say, “Hell no.”

Lang: I think the team will. CIS hockey is unpredictable and hockey is always unpredictable. One player stepping up will definitely help the team’s chances as well.

McDowell: Well, the Cougars didn’t get any help last weekend, picking up two straight losses to No.1 Alberta. This weekend, Cougars and their fans will need to hope for at least one Cougars win, coupled with two UBC losses. I hope this one doesn’t end in heartbreak for the Cougars. As to not completely cop out of the question: Yes. We will make the playoffs, by the skin of our teeth.

Which sport, which is currently not included in either the summer or winter Olympics, would you like to see become an official Olympic sport?

Sockett: The lumberjack competitions, because this event takes the right combination of beer gut and beard growing, a skill that simply too many Olympians these days are lacking.

Leitch: Thunderdome. And not that sissy shit they do on bungee cables with Nerf bats at Burning Man.

Lang: American football would be definitely cool, but irrelevant due to everyone being from America. Well, Team Canada would have Getzlaf… and Cornish…

McDowell: Maybe some crazy sport where you slide head first down an ice track – that’s a thing, dammit. Okay well maybe something else where you half to balance on a four-inch plank of wood and you can’t touch the ground or you lose, like the adult version of the kid’s lava game. That, too, is a thing. Well in that case, I’ll have to go with football. I don’t actually think that should be an Olympic sport but I’m out of ideas.

CFL free agent day has been moved from Feb. 15 to the 11th. With multiple former Roughriders set to hit the market, which player are you most hoping comes back to the Green and White?

Sockett: Kory Sheets obviously, from the lack of sound coming from his off season workouts with NFL teams hopefully that is a sign that Sheets well be Sask bound again. If he doesn’t return then we are basically screwed and should probably start shopping around for a new star running back.

Leitch: I was going to say Luca Congi, but that seems to have gone out the window. So, to hell with it. Let’s sign one of those dicks from the Argos, or something.

Lang: Craig Butler and Jermaine McElveen leaving scare me, but losing anyone from the core of the Grey Cup 101 squad will be rough on the Riders.

McDowell: The obvious answer is Kory Sheets, but I’m not going to take the easy way out. So, I think I’ll have to go with Regina boy Paul Woldu. Woldu is a beast on special teams, and you can always count on him to be first down the field. He also needs to provide wrap-up lessons to some other members of the squad.

It was officially announced that Roughriders head coach Corey Chamblin won the CFL Coach of the Year Award. Was this at all surprising to you?

Sockett: I don’t think so who were the alternatives? That spineless fuck John Hufnagel or the extremely overrated Kent Austin who has only found success with teams he inherited and quite literally had nothing to do with the building of them. But seriously, Chamblin deserved it and I am happy to have him at the helm of the Green and White.

Leitch: Not really, but I remember hearing some kerfuffle about Chamblin not really being considered for the Coach of the Year award. It would have been surprising if the coach who won the Grey Cup wasn’t included as a contender.

Lang: He won the Grey Cup, that’s worthy enough. Not surprising at all.

McDowell: Not at all. Anyone that thinks this was surprising is either not a football fan, or just an idiot in general. The only thing that I am surprised about is that it took so long to tell him.

Tampa Bay Lightning forward Steven Stamkos has been ruled out for the Olympics. How big of a blow is this to Team Canada?

Sockett: It’s huge. Stamkos is one of the best players in the game today. Luckily they replaced him with an older version of a similar player. Though I don’t agree with St. Louis being placed on the team, I have to admit I’ve always liked him. I just think Hockey Canada needs to focus more on developing young players to the international game and put these old players out to pasture. Nudge Nudge Haley Wickenheiser looks old and slow out there.

Leitch: I think the team will do just fine. It would be more of a blow to morality (and medal opportunity) if Stamkos skated out there, and Anderson Silva-ed halfway through the national anthem. That would be a fucking Olympic moment, my friend.

Lang: It’s a huge loss, yet Team Canada is so deep I don’t think that losing Stamkos will be a huge blow in the long run. Players will step up in Stamkos’ place.

McDowell: It’s a massive blow. I mean we can recover, and I like the addition of St. Louis, he has clearly proved over these last couple of weeks that he deserves a place on that roster – have you seen those legs for God’s sake? But still, I would rather have goal-czar Stamkos wearing the maple leaf this week.

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