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This screamo band is up to eleven.

Anemone, a hardcore band among Regina’s music scene self described as an “Art Screamo Hardcore” band, recently played a show at the exchange featuring its Nemorosa album at Scythra’s album release show. The band is composed of four friends incubated by Regina’s music scene: Cruz Anderson on vocals, Ethan Reoch on bass, Nolan Grad on guitar, and Chris Dimas in the back on drums. The album presents an interesting blend of sounds, mashed together to create a vivid and immersive listening experience for those into the sounds that hardcore music has to offer. Though beyond this, Nemorosa’s hardcore tracks are punctuated by the surprisingly soft and seemingly out of place interludes, which introduces the listener to the album. The beautiful contrast of the interludes switches from atmospheric to acoustic, to something that may be defined as classical music sometimes laid over top of the subtle sounds of train cars clanking as they travel down the rails.  

The mosh began minutes into the beginning of Anemone’s time on stage, who kicked off the show. Chris commented, “Though we were the least ‘metal’ band playing, I thought it went really well. The turnout was great and made me really happy about the loud music scene in the city.”  

Chris spoke on the influences on Anemone’s unique hardcore sound that blends hardcore screamo with rock and atmospheric sounds.  

“The biggest musical influences for Anemone in general for me was some of my favourite hardcore bands, ceremony & dangers to name a few. I feel like the band as whole was influenced by a mixture of those bands and ‘90s to early 2000s emo bands, and Project Pat.” Cruz added to the list, “The biggest musical influences for me on Nemorosa would probably be bands like Sed Non Satiata and Suis la Lune along with some American ‘90s and 2000s screamo bands. I like the contrast of the softer/slower interlude tracks. Nolan was the brains behind all of them, Chris too with the recording and producing. but I’m not sure what the exact inspiration for the interludes were for Nolan. Probably sad thoughts.”
Concerning the interludes, Chris said that, “The interludes really helped create space on the record, and give it more dynamics. I believe that the songs can hit harder when given such intense contrast.”
The last show was the last for the next few months with Cruz moving to Toronto soon after the show.  

“Feels good to end my summer in Regina on the Scythra show. I was actually going to leave Regina at the end of September, but once we got offered to play their album release show, I decided to extend my stay.” 

Anemone is due to release another EP in the near future, the drummer pitching the idea of more Anemone and what they plan for the next EP.  

“More abstract sounds are used our new EP, which will be out shortly. We brought in a friend, Michael Dawson, to help with some ‘noise’ on the record. It added an insane amount of character and ambience to it.”  

Cruz later elaborated more on the upcoming tracks to be released.  

“The next record is definitely less emo. I was sad at first to leave some of those influences in the first record, but I think the new sounds we are pursuing are really exciting and create a better atmosphere for the album as a whole. I think this record is a lot more creepy. We have described this new release as being really ‘Halloween.’”  

On the future of Anemone in Regina, Chris said, “There will definitely be another Regina show, maybe as soon as December, if we can figure something out there.”

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