Shit the Carillon says

Artist’s depiction of the same room from three different perspectives.

Artist’s depiction of the same room from three different perspectives.

Actual conversations heard around the office

by the Staff

[dropcaps round=”no”]T[/dropcaps]wo things are certain at the Carillon: hate mail and production night. As usual, we’ve collected some more snippets from conversations heard around the office to enlighten our dear readership of how messed up of individuals we truly are. Dive into another edition of Shit the Carillon says!

Noticing a Youtube ad:

Why is there advertising on my video? Worst yet, why does it look like an NDP ad?

I thought the NDP were more Hutterite with the way Thomas Mulcair rocks his beard.

A whole tribe of Mulcairs? Jesus, we’re doomed.

I feel like a piece of shit today.

And that’s what you’ll be called from now on, Shit Piece!

Ezra Levant is my enabler!

You know, you guys keep bringing that story up, but I’d be just fine forgetting it.

Remember when you could park at Luther College, even when it was 11:15 AM? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

I think we need to have some Flash Gordon soundtrack in our lives right now.

Looking at past issues from years back is both enlightening and depressing at the same time.

 I’ll be damned if you get a quote from me for your stupid humor piece!

I remember the days when administration said my opinion matters. Been waiting two years for that follow-up email.

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