School’s out for the summer


Students are spending their summers in different ways

James Anderson

With school out, University of Regina students are finding different ways to occupy their time. For some, it could mean working, relaxing, or participating in recreational activities. Some students are at home looking for the next party to crash, while others are out working various jobs just to prioritize next year’s tuition. 

Aimee Chammartin recently transferred from film into psychology and planned on getting a head start in her new major.

“I’m taking a couple spring classes, which are ending at the end of June and after that I will start my actual summer,” she said.

During that time, Chammartin is planning to go camping on Canada Day, and then begin working full-time.

“I work at a before and after school program called Kare 4 Kids, which runs a day program during the summer,” she said.

Chammartin said while she is in school, it’s not so bad.

“You have the same class four days a week, so it’s easier to remember all the information.” she said.

One person that didn’t plan on being around campus this summer is Tyler Forbes. Forbes is working on his family farm near Senlac.

“Farming has always been my passion,” he said. “I’m very busy with the farm, putting the crop in, and taking care of our cows.”

Forbes is also planning on returning to the Prairie Football Conference’s Regina Thunder for his third-consecutive season, playing on the offensive line. The season starts in August.

“This’ll be the first year where I actually have a really good shot at starting,” he said. “We have a good team, and I think we’re going to have a really good year.”

Forbes is an arts major, trying to get into education while juggling his football and farm work. His passion for all three is what keeps himself going.

“I really want to teach, but I also want to have a farm and I really enjoy playing football,” he said. “In football, I love the camaraderie and the hard work you have to put in.”

Another student that is trying to get into education is Tomson Hutchinson.

Hutchinson works for Rhynos, a Regina-based sound and lighting company.

“I’m also trying to break off and DJ individually,” he said.

Hutchinson has been involved in the music scene for a while and is well-rounded in that field. He owns a ukulele that he has been getting autographed by other Canadian musicians. Already in his collection are Shad K and Jenn Grant.

No word on who the next autograph will come from. But Hutchinson, like the other students, still has a long summer ahead.

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