Saying goodbye to Cougars sports – Sports Roundtable

Those shoes, and matching socks. Hideous.

Those shoes, and matching socks. Hideous.

Participants: Taylor Sockett, Kyle Leitch, Matt Wincherauk, Brady Lang

With Cougars sports winding down for the season, which team have you most enjoyed watching this year?

Sockett: Clearly the Carillon sports roundtable team. With the addition of veteran fuck-goof Kyle Leitch the team soared to all new heights. The team will be looking to replace long-time roundtable serving villain sports editor McDeezy, who will be hanging up her angry keyboard at the end of the season.

Leitch: That’s easy: the full contact chess team, which went undefeated in 1, 492 regular season games before scaling Mount Everest, and defeating “Macho Man” Randy Savage at Wrestlemania XL. That’s the memory I submitted in lieu of going to any actual games.

Wincherauk: Definitely the women’s basketball team. Another fantastic year for these girls, and they’re just a fun team to watch play. Winning a lot helps too.

Lang: The women’s hockey team has been very entertaining to watch throughout the season and seeing them go in the fashion that they did was really tough to watch.

McDowell: Tough call, I would have to say men’s hockey, which is probably no surprise to most people. However, despite going to every home game I have yet to win a hamper of delicious chips and it’s really starting to bother me.

The U of R is playing host to the CIS curling championships Mar 19-23. Do you plan on attending any of the games to support the Cougars?

Sockett: Sorry, I’m not nearly old enough to watch let alone attend a curling event. However, I imagine that my Grandma would be all over it.

Leitch: An acquaintance I met at the Owl recently put it best: curling is fine as a practical physics experiment, but why they would combine the experiment with the chore of sweeping, and perpetuate the experiment for fifty years is beyond me. So, pass.

Wincherauk: I don’t plan on attending. Essays are piling up.

Lang: The U of R has a curling team?

McDowell: Unfortunately, no. I have only watched curling once in my entire life and that was while I was forced to be playing it in Grade 6 gym class. Sorry to disappoint you, Paige Kreutzwieser.

Which team do you think was the winner of this year’s NHL trade deadline?

Sockett: Anyone who says New York is a complete moron, not only did you give up a great captain in Ryan Callahan but they also gave up a first and second round draft pick. For what? A dinosaur who amazing is having a decent year, that will be retired sooner than later.Bad trade New York, quit going after hasbins.

Leitch: The Florida Panthers got a hell of a goalie in Roberto Luongo. Let’s see if they make use of him.

Wincherauk: I think the Canadiens were the late winners of the deadline by stealing away someone as talented as Thomas Vanek at the last minute. If they can get him to re-sign in Montreal, it will be a huge win.

Lang: The New York Rangers with their acquisition of Martin St. Louis were the obvious winners of the deadline. We will now see the emergence of Brad Richards again with help of St. Louis along with the power play getting some much needed help.

McDowell: I’m actually going to have to go with Tampa Bay on this one. And I say that as a St. Louis fan. But the truth is, even though I will very much miss the on-ice chemistry between St. Louis and Stamkos, he is old. I’m excited to see the younger Callahan suit up with the Bolts.

Miami Heat forward LeBron James recently scored 61 points in a single contest. Does this make him better than Michael Jordan?

Sockett: Michael Jordan will always be better than LBJ simply by virtue of the fact that Jordan learned this skill that James hasn’t quite been able to master, it’s called passing. That’s why Jordan is better, he was a team player.

Leitch: I think LeBron is better than MJ, simply by the virtue of not being involved with Space Jam.

Wincherauk: No. One game does not make or break a player, and while 61 was a phenomenal performance, it doesn’t really affect his long-term legacy too much. If scoring in one game was the criteria, then Kobe Bryant would be the second greatest player of all time, and that is clearly not the case.

Lang: You can’t even compare the two until Lebron wins more rings. All about the championships.

McDowell: He definitely isn’t better. I don’t know, I’m just going to go on record and say that I hate Lebron. There, I said it, it feels good to get that one off my chest. Kobe forever.

Long-time CFL quarterback Buck Pierce has announced his retirement. What was your favourite Bucky memory?

Sockett: He was a damn fine clipboard holder, and damn, could he rock that hat on the sidelines. But seriously he was an aggressively mediocre quarterback whose career was riddled with injuries. Isn’t their more worthwhile things we could be talking about.

Leitch: I will always have the memories of my dad, a proud BC native, screaming at Lions games at the top of his lungs, calling Buck Pierce a useless fucker. Good times.

Wincherauk: My favorite memory was going through him and the vaunted BC Lions team in 2007 en route to our first Grey Cup win in nearly 20 years. Beating up on Pierce is always a good memory in my book.

Lang: Considering his time in the CFL was spent mainly concussed or on the IR, my favourite memory of Pierce has to be his retirement. He had to look at his personal future rather than trying to limp out another injury filled season.

McDowell: The time that he got his head blown off. That was awesome, plus it was Saskatchewan that unleashed the blow, which was even more awesome. When that helmet flew off for one split second I thought I just witnessed someone get decapitated.

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