Sask Fashion Week video premier


A sneak peak at this year’s upcoming Sask Fashion Week

Looks pretty legit. / Arthur Ward

Looks pretty legit. / Arthur Ward

Author: Kaitlynn Nordal

One of my favorite designers, Kate Spade, once said, “Playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends.”

Well, I could not agree with her more, since I am 21 and my room looked like a tornado when I went through it and decided what to wear to the Saskatchewan Fashion Week Launch Party & Campaign Video Premiere.

After finally putting the final touches on my outfit and makeup, I was out the door and off to the launch party. This year it was held at Kiriako Iatridis Photography Studio and music was provided by DJ Kid Kris.

Unless you already knew where the studio is, it can be hard to find, since he renovated an old building and there is no signage. Walking into the studio felt like walking into a club with house music playing and everyone dressed in their best modern twist on the 1920s styles. On the one wall, Iatridis had his white backdrop up with the projector going, which is where we would later watch the video.

At only 5’1”, I am not very tall and reminded of this every day whether it be by a short joke or by my feet not fully touching the ground when I sit in a chair in class, but I was really reminded of it tonight. Even though I was wearing about five inch heels, I was still much shorter than some of my model friends. After catching up with a few people who I have not seen in a long time, it was finally time for the video premiere.

The video was very elegantly put together in about a 30-second promotional clip for Saskatchewan Fashion Week. After the video ended, the sounds of people’s claps and murmurs of approval was all that could be heard. Between midnight and 1 a.m., everyone slowly started saying their goodbyes and either went home or to whatever else they had going on that night.

Five-year-old me would have never imagined that my love of clothes, shoes, accessories, and writing would have led me to being surrounded by all these amazing people, but there I was. I am proud to call some of these people friends. If tonight was any indication of how this year’s Fashion Week is going to go, then it is going to be even bigger than the last few years.

At events like this, I am reminded about how transformative an outfit can be. The right piece of clothing can allow you to see yourself in a different way and have a very real, visceral impact. The clothing choices you make are a symbol of who you are. This year Saskatchewan Fashion Week will take place May 7 to 9. A full list of designers who will be showcasing their stuff is yet to be revealed.

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