Sandwich of the Week – Jan. 26, 2012


Sandwich: Midnight Sammy
Hungry Student: Kelsey Bohachewski, second-year kinesiology and health studies student.

Carillon: What’s on your sandwich?

Kelsey Bohachewski: It’s a turkey havarti sandwich on white bread with lettuce and tomato,

Carillon: How much did it cost you?

Bohachewski:    It was only $2.99.

Carillon: What do you enjoy about it?

Bohachewski:    Honestly, the sandwich is a little boring. The tomato made the bread soggy, and the mayo was absorbed by the lettuce. The turkey was plain sandwich meat with no seasoning.

Carillon: Why in the world would you get such a sandwich?

Bohachewski: I decided to get it because it was late at night and there wasn’t that much of a selection at the Safeway deli. It literally was the last sandwich there, kind of like the last kid to get picked in gym class.

Carillon: Do you have anything nice to say about your sandwich?

Bohachewski: Perhaps if it was toasted it could have been better. However, this sandwich’s saving grace was the fact that it was super late and I was super hungry so anything I ate would have tasted amazing.

Arthur Ward

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