Making the most of your summer

A panoramic shot of Wascana Lake, with green grass and a view of the lake waters.
Beautiful photos of the summer sadly do not convey the number of bugs and mosquitoes around. Haydn Blackey via Flickr

Summer can be a time to look back and review your year so far

The sun comes out, embracing your face. The whole world glistens and sparkles. The days are longer. The nights are shorter. The weather is beautiful, giving us the opportunity to do things we otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to do. There are people who love the aesthetic of fall and winter. Personally, summer is when I come alive, when I come out of hibernation. If you have seasonal affective disorder, you know that summers can be easier to manage. The sky is blue. Seasonal fruits taste better. The flowers are prettier. It seems like Earth is the most stunning during warm weather. Additionally, many of us, if lucky, are able to take a break from school.  

The best way to enjoy summer, in my opinion, is to be comfortable with solitude. Of course, summer is the time when friends make travel plans or go on picnics. However, it is important to use it as a season of growth and self-discovery. Get to know yourself. Try to think of activities you enjoy and come up with a good list. My favourite way to enjoy the summer is going on solo picnics. I pack up some snacks, food, and dessert that I make each summer, ice for soft drinks, and a good book. This is a yearly tradition for me. It allows me to focus on nature. It forces me to step outside of my comfort zone and rest my brain as I focus on reading my book, looking at nature, playing with lady bugs, and eating good food. You can explore Lakeshore Park, Maple Leaf Park, or Candy Cane Park to set up a picnic. 

Furthermore, if you are someone who likes to set new year’s resolutions, summer is the perfect time to check in on your resolution and figure out what is working and what is not. It is the perfect time to craft and apply your goals to fit the season you are in. In many cultures, summer is an important season as it is the perfect time to forge and maintain your friendships and relationships. It is the season for growth, good food, flowers, and good weather.  

Hiking is also a good way to make the most of your summer. As someone who is passionate about health and fitness, hiking is a good way to get a workout in. It challenges your strength and discipline. There are many hiking trails to explore. Echo Valley Provincial Park has many trails, and it is less than an hour from the city. Condie Nature Refuge is also another good one, and it is only 20 minutes from Regina. Of course, Wascana Valley also has many trails for hiking and walking. Douglas Provincial Park is an amazing place to explore. It is two hours out of the city, however it offers many fun activities to do. You can set up camp there. Additionally, there is also Lake Diefenbaker which is near the Trans Canada Trail.  

Lastly, the Queen City Exhibition is another way to make the most of your summer. My tip is to avoid it during the day and only go at around 6 p.m.-7 p.m. as the sun is setting and the weather is cooler. Moreover, if you go in the evenings, you will be able to avoid large crowds, long lines, and the exhausting heat. It is more peaceful at night. Enjoy these opportunities to experience the long days and great weather while you can! 


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