Sandwich of the Week – Feb. 2, 2012


Sandwich: Saucy Caesar

Hungry Student: Cassandra Rhodes, first-year nursing student

Carillon: What’s on your sandwich?

Cassandra Rhodes: It’s a chicken Caesar on a tomato-basil wrap. Inside there is chicken, lettuce, and Caesar sauce. There is also an option to get bacon bits and croutons as well.

Carillon: Why didn’t you get the bacon bits and the croutons?

Rhodes: I don’t like the bacon bits and the croutons make it soggy.

Carillon: Where did you get this sandwich?

Rhodes: I got it from Henderson’s for $5.

Carillon: What’s your favourite sandwich and how does this compare?

Rhodes: My favourite sandwich is from Subway with chipotle sauce, but this one is pretty good with the Caesar sauce.

Carillon: The sauce seems to be vital in your choice of sandwiches.

Rhodes: Yes. What makes the sandwich for me is the sauce and if you were to change it the sandwich won’t be the same.

Carillon: If you invented this sandwich, what would you name it?

Rhodes: We can call it a Saucy Caesar because it’s all about the sauce!

Arthur Ward

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