Sandwich of the week – Dec. 1, 2011


Sandwich: A CanWest Champion

Hungry student: Jeremy Eckert, fourth-year business student, second-year massage therapy student

What you should know: Jeremy is a member of the Cougar track and field team and is the current CIS field athlete of the year. He specializes in high jump, where his best clearance stands at seven feet and one inch. If you can’t visualize that, imagine someone dunking over former NBA star Yao Ming and that’s how high Jeremy can fly. However, Jeremy’s athletic prowess can be entertained in a later article; let’s talk sandwiches!

Carillon: What’s on your sandwich?

Eckert: Pita bread, three eggs with salt and pepper, ginger, and turmeric for their anti-inflammatory properties, sliced sausage, bacon, cheese (of course), and ketchup.

Carillon: Why such an unorthodox breakfast?

Eckert: Well it has lots of fat and lots of protein. I think it’s the best breakfast out there. Eggs, bacon, ham and/or sausage are what my breakfast consists of three to four days of the week and it keeps me satisfied until lunch, unlike a big bowl of frosted flakes. Also, it’s low in carbs.

The wrap-up: At first glance this sandwich looks like a pizza on a budget. With the pita bread, bacon, sausages, and eggs drizzled with ketchup and showered with cheddar and mozzarella confetti, this snack screams pizza. However, what prevents it from crossing over to the pizza paradigm is that the pita bread is folded to hold everything together.

It seems contrary to common sense that an athlete like Jeremy would be consuming such large amounts of fat, so I asked him how nutritionally beneficial it is. Well, somewhere between the discussion about carbs and insulin, the only English we were able to decipher was at the end when he said, “I gotta keep my weight down to jump high!”

Arthur Ward

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