Regina Thunder remains undefeated this season

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Wide receiver Rylan Sokul speaks on gameplay, how to get noticed as a player, and preparations for the national championship

Football season is slowly coming to an end this year in Regina. The Regina Thunder team has been powerful throughout this year and have performed incredibly. In fact, the Regina Thunder team has gone undefeated, and now are heading into playoffs in the upcoming weeks. With such great statistics and their record this season so far, the Carillon decided to contact the head coach to see if any of the players would be interested in doing an interview with us. We were connected with Rylan Sokul. Let’s get to know Sokul briefly before we get to the questions.

Sokul plays wide receiver, and his player history involves starting out in a junior football program in Wynyard that appears to include grades 7-9. He continued to play

in high school football at Wynyard Composite Highschool as a quarterback. When Sokul played high school football, he had a successful season in grade 11, which appeared to help him get noticed and opened the door to Regina Thunder the following year. Then, when he came to the team five years ago, he switched to the wide receiver position and he has been playing this position ever since.

Now that we know some player history for Sokul, let’s see how he is feeling about the playoffs coming so quickly around the corner.

What are you hoping to see for yourself as a football player?

Currently just taking it one day at a time, just trying to enjoy every moment with the Thunder. Right now, our focus is on winning the national championship.

Can you reflect on the season thus far, and can you state which game or team was your favourite to play this year?

We have had a successful season this year, going 8-0 for the second straight time. I think we have a great group of guys in the locker room who have really treated and helped us with our success in our games this season. My favourite game is always when playing Saskatoon, especially when we head up there and play Saskatoon under the lights, it is always a great atmosphere. […] They are also our provincial rivalry, which heightens the excitement and intensity.

What is your favourite moment of the season personally?

One of my favourite moments is when we had a player switch to a full-back position this year. In one of our earlier games this year he scored his first touchdown of his career, ever. This was an exciting moment that I will remember forever, […] seeing your brother score a touchdown like that and seeing that excitement is always a great feeling, and brings our team closer.

So far this season your team has done an outstanding job. What emotions or feelings do you have as a team heading into the playoffs?

We are excited, we know we have all the tools and players to win. Now, it is all about going out there, executing our job, and letting the rest take care of itself.

What is your team doing to fully prepare for the playoffs? Is anything different, or is there something you are looking forward to?

We stuck to a similar routine all year with our practices, focusing on the finer details to ensure we’re running as smooth as possible and putting ourselves in the best position to win. No big changes for the playoffs. We just got to keep doing what we are doing!

Now that the season is coming to an end, it means that some players are leaving. What are some tips you would give some younger players to hopefully get recognized by Thunder to play in upcoming years?

Just show up every day and put in that effort. Some days can be hard and can be a grind, and hard on your body; your mind may be somewhere else. It is all about putting in that grind every day, and working towards that goal of making the team or earning that starting position and becoming an all-star. Just keep putting in that work every day. […] Know that we also have winter camps that take place indoors in Moose Jaw, and there are also four-five rookie camps through the winter months. This is when all high school guys can come out and showcase their talent for the team.

Well, it sounds like Sokul is just pumped for the playoffs and to find out what the end results are for the national championship game. Let’s wish the Regina Thunder team luck, and hopefully we will see a big win at the national championships.


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